dancing are rays of moonlight

on the oceandancing are your verses upon my skin

goosebumps slowly transforminto prima ballerinas

dancing an eternal allégro

a pirouette of white plumes

stirring me with passion

tickling every crevicein my soul.


Written by The lonely Author.


This poem reminds me the dances of prima ballerina liked by me very much whom every pirouette is touched skin of my whole existence and inspires to dance in moon light and stirring me with eternal passion tickling every crevicein my soul.oh .Ballerina !! Are you reality or fairy of heaven?i love you very much❤please give me your a little part of eternity.

(Hey drew!! If i add something my sweet -sweet new dance of Nataliya; please don’t mind and forgive me)

Me allègro🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Sent by Aruna Sharma.29.07.2020

For your pure flame…

If I give you a smiling blessed kiss forever for enchanting your heart,

Then you will give me a flame which is burning in your heart.

That is my life’s inspiration, because this time I am so much lonely lamb wandering in darkness,

Give me your flame to fry all tensions of my life’s womb feeling heaviness.

Because I want my heart like a small  boat as sailing at horizon having blessed wish held tight.

Can you do it for me? If yes, then make some arrangements of eternal light,

And there I will sacrifice all whatever takes birth as norms,

To make the sunset so much beautiful reddish for eternal bones.

Written by Aruna Sharma.      26.07.2020.                12.45AM

“It’s yourothers may walk road, and yours alone, it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”~Rumi

who am i

Be gentle people, it has been two months since I attempted to write poetry. There is plenty of rust.

Who Am I

who am i

who are you
her reflection sighs
fogging the mirror
before I can steal a kiss

who am I
the mist dissipates
revealing a garden forgotten
a mirror image of me
two flowers of dark love
sowed in solitude

I soil my face with jasmines
her scent whispers to me
you are my soul
I am the air that you breathe

Most beautiful poem written by The lonely Author like my wonderful’s image remind me a forgotten something which touched my heart often.what is that?i don’t know.may be that is a part of my love’s imagination.Really drew is magician of words.i have never seen him but feel -he is closest of my heart❤i think-a soul is connected with lovely soul.bless you,my dear friend!!

dancing leaf

dancing leaf

a dry leaf danceswhen the cool winddrags and pushes her awayreminiscent of the fashion

you discard my lovefor every time we get close

‘til our souls are almost one

you become a gentle breezesoftly caressing my heart

then, you’re gone

dancing leaf

Written by The lonely Author.

A Sophisticated Kiss Of Two Flowers….

I am  most confusing,
Dear,tell me about of your wanting.
I am not able for you ,knowing very well,
I do my all duties or left those at all.
Never like to be a hypocrite,
With clear mind,what do i write.
The love is ideal of my life’s penorama,
Do you know-it is so much pure not a drama.
I can sacrifice all loggings on my ideal,
May be i live or die but can not accept
worst thing to reveal.
I have gotten many fractures in my whole existence,
But forget all to read your poem’s smooth substance.
Oh my dear dew!!left me on my conditions,
For my hurt life demands only your consolations .
We both are soft flowers for fragrance in universe’s garden.
I love your dancing leaf which remind my sweet memories of innocent youth.
And when i remember those then i call on your booth.
We both are two part of one soul as i think,
This soul never talks but gives only flying kiss with wink.
So much enchanting our friendship no example of it,
Oh my dew!!please,let your love’s candle, like in this way ,always light up as your heart.Written by Aruna Sharma.
24.07.2020.                    10.45pmIT IS FOR YOU🌹