For special someone……

If you become a part of my tears,
I would have drunk all dew of pain and absorbed inside me.
If you would remain before my eyes,your existence would have melted into me.
If you left a window without any candle, then I will wait for your coming back.
For enlightening one candle on that window ,
But Alas,that was not in my luck. 

Because you had already enlightened every empty place .
My complaint is meaningless having no space.
  I have passed the long time as in
  Mouth with a bitter taste chewing
  But I have to say you welcome,
   I can never forget you if you ignore  
   Me because no value left for me,
   But  your memory in my life is a
   Milestone for me. 🌹

Written by Aruna Sharma.31.10.2020;

The litmus test for Indian Consumers: YE Diwali India Wali yaa China Wali

Come the festive season in India and guess what Chinese factory owners laugh all their way to the banks. October and November is the boom time for Chinese exporters. The factories in Hubei province, Shenzhen city, and Quanzhou work overtime to meet the insatiable demand for decorative lights, posters, lamps, and even idols of gods […]

The litmus test for Indian Consumers: YE Diwali India Wali yaa China Wali

Written by Siddharth Dua.

Thought some times for our fastival”DIWALI”,

It should be pure Indian “DIWALI”.

My love is only love….🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

My love is beyond of understanding,
You could never understand.
No physical attraction in my love,
Because it is poison’s bottle for it’s end.
It is not daughter of grapes in red gown dancing on dance floor,
Who is luscious for all guys who has misguided and sip it with cheer.
Do you feel any time a spiritual feeling in your heart?
My love is ,thus,for all humanity having a touch of spirituality not to hurt.
My love is just silent with having deep meaning.
Talking by eyes and smiling on lip and  make the forehead as brightening.
Please don’t touch my love otherwise it will be disappeared. 
So much smooth and pure like the soul is into blessed covered.
If you dare to receive my love ,before come to me, think many times for imprisoned.
Oh that time,you feel most light in heart like a glowing moon,
Or feel the horizon near your heart,if you want,plz hurry up soon.
The sunset and dawn will always smile like everlasting friend,
Because no insanity or any longing will remain  but froth and  say  adieu to your disturbed mind.
No noise,no tears but only peace in heart to live like waves of ocean,
Which every drop or ebb-tide will be mirror of pure silent love by flowing towards the horizon.
Do you prepare come with me?
Plz, say -yes or no.
Perhaps i am only enough for me.

Written by Aruna Sharma.29.10.2020
11:30 PM.
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Hey dear sparrow!!….

Hey my dear sparrow !!
Where is my tweeting Tweeter?
Like your chirping songs,
Why is so silent my  dear sweeter?
My all wounds of heart cry for him,
Who has shutdown all windows after enlightening a packet of candle.
I am in so much depression,
And imitating to console by sitting on  my swinging Chinaar’s cradle.

Written by Aruna Sharma.26.10.2020

My love is blessed…

Oh so much, I am too blessed for
Loving my whole exictence,
Because I feel in my all parts as Chinar‘s persistence.
When I open my arms ,
I can feel the beauty of fragrant flowers, coming to me with fragrant my love.
When I spread my gwhite Aanchal(a long scarf),
All the red leaves of Chinar fall down and make an embroidery with red thread as Angel.
Spring  tells me to stop, to see how the snow falls on mountains,
Rainy days show me the silky touch on face as I feel myself a fountain.
Autumn is my ever lasting friend for giving my heart a smooth feeling by giving reddish leaves of amor,
That time I feel myself very lucky and not having any longing more.

The season of winter when all Chinars are naked without leaves, shiver from freezing cold,
That time the snow tries to flame for giving warm with blanket of snow and light up a flame as rituals old.
With them I enjoy all seasons there and try to weave a blanket of snow,
With melting Marino wool and fur wearing which all their faces glow.
At last they are the symbol of my immortal love about which my God knows,
Has anybody thought about love which is mirror of lovely universe.
I love this season because here in every cults of snow is hidden my love’s flame like a continuous enlightend  candle far from the world’s sight,
Since centuries, this wait for me on my rebirth again continue next to next for hearing voice of footsteps about which it has insight.
Now summer will come here withÑ  cool and silky breeze,
To wake up  all the flowers, it exhales warm breath with ease.

Written by Aruna Sharma,27.10.2020


He is sitting on the top of a mere mountain’s rock,

which is standing alone among the roaring waves of ocean.

Who is he?

A priest or a saint,

Or only an imagination in which i am trying to paint .

Sometimes, he is seems like a lonely star at night,

Sometimes, he is surrounded by

His own aura in sunlight.

No response,

Nothing to say.

Sitting silent,

Like a statue on the peak

Many times I have thought about him,

Where he has lost his intoxicated mug of verses’s  rim.

I want his mug defiled for a kiss,

And want to know the taste of his lips.

But he is living at most far distance,

And my all longings is drowning in Barmuda’s triangle.

Many times, I call him but my voice’s lost in thunderbolt

And return as ruining boat like

The empty echoes by hitting with hard rock.

  Written  by Aruna Sharma.18.10.2020.        12.05AM
Images are taken from Google.