Let me sleep free minded..

Hey buddy,search a quit corner in my room

Keep all lappy,mobile,t.v. on stage of gloom

I want to sleep without any disturbing

Outside my home some dogs are barking

Plz say those to go far away from my home.

I feel- my mind and heart have been gone unconscious lanes

Uh.feel so much tired as choking my all emotions

Plz,keep them in a plate on the table as covered

I want forget all things,guys and imagination of wizard

Here somebody is known or unknown,i want to see the stranger for a long time

Keeping the silent climate tonight like many centuries,let me sleep with silence’s chime

Let me feel -my exictence off.

Plz the light switch off.

Written by Aruna.26.12.2020;11.44pm


If i stay here…⚘⚘🌴🌴⚘⚘

You will never know what is the pain,

Sitting on my imagination’s train.

Whatever you saw still now,forget all past,

For smelling the fragrant love’s flowers,

We both will create for staying forever our lovely Rome,

There i will embrace you with tight arms and suck your pains by kissing your red sky slowly slowly.

Breeze will dance among the palmtrees,

Hammock will convert into the sailing boat as going to horizon,

At sunset time we both will go to red sun for melting in each other’s thirsty souls slowly slowly.

If i stay here with you,mi amour,

There you will see all miracles in your ocean with ebby and tidy ways by feeling your pinkish minty exhaling breathe siping by inhaling my thirsty soul with way of heartily heartily.

If i stay here………. 🌹🌴🌹

Written by Aruna Sharma.22.12.2020


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(My dear friend!!I have written the poem on your title.how is it?)

Have you forgotten me……

Your greatest journy,

Wonderful because Father is with you,

And my journey of life is worst without you.

Have you not read the chapter in your bible about kindness,

Here i feel so much emotinaly alone in woods as wondering aimless.

Many wolves are howling to see moon everywhere,

And your amour moon is too fearing because you are not here.

I am accepting whatever you do with your supporter,

Here is nothing fault of you,because you need a care taker.

At last i request you ,plz tell me where are you?

Plz reply soon forgiving my all faults done for you.

ARUNA SHARMA.19.12.2020.9.22PM

How much love in which way…..

My dear friend!!please tell me,

How much and in which way I offer my love to you,

You are a young man,I want the permission of you.

You have longings so many love of beautiful fairy.

But I want to love you like a kid plz don’t say sid.

Here is most cold season and foggy day.

So much that flowing blood is freezed by the way.

To night I see the lonely star is shivering in the cold.

One day you wrote”my pillow calls you”,having mood bold.

Now I request you come to me like a innocent child,

And I have to lull you in my blanket tightly with armed .

Love has no limitation so no question here for which way.

No question for how because the love is only love having eternal flaming ray.

Can you give answer me it is question of my soul’s as say.

Like a mom with her kid like twisting by stroking all wounds and caresses way.

I fear you will lost in foggy night,

If you come to me that is right.

Please,tell me not or right,

In these foggy and coldest night.

Written by Aruna Sharma.16.12.2020
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Just a few minutes…..

At dusk after observation the sun set

Just a few minutes ,hey lonely star!!

You come and go to gaze me.

Is It your routine

Or a way for relaxing

For some minutes

When you feel tiredness that feel by me.

You know-my dear friend!!

That time is in the emotional feelings like

Your ocean’s wave seem most haevy tide.

I feel in your thought’s swirl bitterly myself as just churned

Don’t try ,my dear!! For any body to flow away and disappear

Already, you are stucked in vortex of tides to no appear.


Written by Aruna Sharma.13.12.2020


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You are you…..

Sitting at a lonely corner,

You are weaving the web like spider,right.

For to no reach in your little hut.

If somebody may come to you,

He will get tangled in your web

Never return back from there,

And lose existence to ask any question from you ever.

You are only you to be never ever forever.

Written by Aruna Sharma.13.12.2020




सुन और जाके देख,

Listen and go to see,

कोई दरव़ाजा खटखटा रहा है।

Somebody is knocking at the door.

तू अंधेरे कोने में उदास क्यों बैठा है,

Why are you sitting in a dark corner?

बाहर बहार -ए-चाँदनी का कारवाँ बुला रहै।

Outside the door the spring -a-carvan-of moonlight is calling you.

कितना खुशनसीब है तू ,ऐ दिल !!तेरी रातों के ख़वाबों का बागबाँ आ रहा है।

You are so much lucky, hey heart!! The protecter of your night’s dreams is coming.

भूल जा उन फरेबी शख़्सों को जो मुहब्बत का नाम लेके फ़रेब दे गये,क्या ग़म इंसानों की फ़ितरत है।

Forget all crafty guys who have gone by giving you betrayal in the name of love,don’t worry-it is human’s habituated.

सुन,चाँदनी क्या कह रही है-पास आ हमारे संग,

Listen, what is saying moonlight-come with us,

आ, हमारे संग रक्सनुमा हो और भर भर ज़ाम झरती चाँदनी के नशीले रसीले बूदों से रंग में डूब के पीले जो चाँद बरसा रहा है ।

Come to dance with us and drink the glass by glass as drowning in blessing intoxicated rays as liquid dews are sent by the moon.

ये जो लिब़ास दुनियादारी के तेरे जिस्म पे हैं,ऐ दिल !! उतार दे कि तेरी रूह चाहती है,

कि तेरे ज़िस्म के हर पोर को चूम कर मदमस्त कर दूँ।।

और काय़नात सा सुन्दर और शोहरा बना दूँ।।

This is world veneer which is on your body,hey heart !! Turn that off

Your soul want kissing on every part of you skin and make inebriated by kissing to each pore for making it like a pure transparent universe.

फिर देखना कि हर रात तेरी प़ाक शफ़्फाक होगी तब चाँद भी तेरे बिस्तर पर तेरे हमनवाँ होगा।

Then you will see that your every night will be pure and blessed and moon will be your companion on your bed.

तब तेरे मायूसियों के अंधेरे सिर झुकाये तेरी दुनिया से से हमेशा के लिये रवाँ होंगे और ख़ुदा मुस्कुरा रहा होगा,

Then your depression as bowing the head will be force to go and God will be smiling

ऐ मेरे प्यारे दिल !! तू बेलिबास नहीं होगा बस सारी क़ायनात तेरी उतरन को आँधी में उड़ा देगी तब तेरे बदन पर जन्नती चमकता लिबास होगा।

Oh my lovely heart!! Not you will be naked but the universe fly away your dirty dress in stormy wind and you will be in heavenly sparkeled dress.

Written by Aruna Sharma.11.12.2020

9.48pm .all copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.images are taken from Google.