ode to d passing year

fairwell o passing year;
with break up n joining dear;
i have no any complain with u;
if u have deny but give more valuable;
in walking with u now feel mee
so many kinds of beloved guys;
i m very thankful so much;
living with ur time i learned,
about love,like n admire universe.
firstly know coz of u
dt time is valuable.
secondly know coz of u
life is as giftable.
thirdly know coz of u
good is rememberd n bad forgetable.
plz bless me at time u going..
ur comming guy as year comimng;
give me n my guys r blessed,
n love ,adore n admire n all’s welcomimng.


31.12.2015 11 .30 p.m.

i m still young

Jeneane commonplace book  commented that a man is  never too old.I agree  to dis fact dat a man can never be old until his death.here I tell u about a ghazal(song in urdu language).  This ghazal requires attention which is written by soofi saint HAAFZ JALANDHARI n sung by màliká pukhraaj. An uniqe master piece is here–”’
“I am still young.
The air is exhilarating, flowers are in bloom
A thousand melodies, in lusty spring everywhere
Why do you go, wine giver? Return to me, come back here
What are you waiting for? Pick up the goblet, pick it up
Pick it up and fill the cup. Pass me the filled up cup
Gaze at the garden, behold the bliss, you Ignoramus
Those swirling dark clouds, appearing on the horizon
Like a mob of swaying drunks, showing taverns sully the soul
Spare me the doubts and ill-will, you think I’m feeble
Thoughts of abstinence, why so soon? I am still young!”
“All this talk of prayers, these worries of redemption
Obsession with heavenly rewards, warnings of hellish torments
Listen up Admonisher, you are a bit strange
Have Passion and Youth ever been separated?
When graceful youth abounds, resplendent and mischievous
And winds are fragrant, wouldn’t desires be inflamed?
Provocative lovers, some here, others there
When they arouse sensuously, what power can a preacher have?
It’s sorted then, your point of view
is right. Nevertheless, I’m as yet rather young!”
“I grieve not for openness or closeness, zenith or nadir
Existence – past or present, nor for promises of future creation
I have lost hope and despair, logic and presumptions
I see nothing around me, nothing except my goblet
Let there be no dearth of wine, my friendship with pub unstrained
Let the gathering live on, forever young and hectic
Sing such a melody, Lady singer, my soul surges, sorrows wane
Effect of instrumental music, sets my heart on fire
Let everyone implore, don’t stop your hand bartender
Pour more, Pour more, Pour more, Pour more.”
“This stroll on the mountain, this trek by a stream
Chirping nightingales, guffaws from lovely faces
Chancing upon your love, casts off grief and worries
According to their luck, some laugh, some weep
These tales of passion, these juicy youths
Some graciousness there, some boasting here
This sky, this earth, how heart-pleasing views
This praiseworthy life, how can I, renounce here
That death could be so near, I cannot believe
No no, not yet, no no, not yet).”

dear jeseane!! dis poem is aaproved ur thought.it has deeply philoshofical touch .man neve be old.dis isc

dear jeseane !!plz reply about understanding its meaning.

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to waldprok-photografia

how do u want hide beyond curtain;
tell me plz !!why do u not like comment..
ur all picturs r most beautifuĺ;
they say something in silent way;
bt why do u live from us away.
ur silent night say something;
ur marry christmas gives wishing;
ur blue light tell us d missing;
szronowy sen n naciadra r saying;
some untold story to tell waiting;
ur zacupy make us laughing;
alienTSA how so much àĺone living;
zakany is most n most us telling;
its every dew on leaves in snowfalling;
when ur window r opning?
i am waiting ur roman words knowing,
there r no speaking burden in feeling,
o !!stranger i wait for ur speaking,
do’nt worry about my no understandig,
i can know n understand all feeling,
plz do’nt care us n ur door openig.

door is meant option of reply n comment.god bless him.

marry christmas u,,o stranger !!

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chauhan shayari

mana ke tu banda he bada jiddi;
tere sheron se jhalkati he aashiqi; mene saari pad daali,
aur bahut se mashvire bhi diye.
na jaane vo mashvire kahaan kho gaye.
kaya tere mahboob ne vo saare door kar diye.
samajh me nahi aata tera mahboob bhi;
insaan he goya saya koi,
kal tere her majmun pe tujhe samjjhaya tha;
aaj subah uthate hi un khaton ko
gaayab paya tha.
kal dekhi thi teri chand tasvirein;
saath me thi maasoom  si tadbirein;
shimlà se srinagar jaane ka rasta
bhi bataya tha,
ke vaha ki her fizaaon me tera mahboob nazar aayega;
ke her baar uski sadaa sunaai degi,
jitna ji chaahegà jab bhi use pukarega.
aakhir ko janaab itna samajh lije;
khawabon ko khawaab hi rahne de;
asmaan ko asmaan hi rahne de.
mana ke tu use chahata bàhut he magar;
vo sharik-e-hayaat kisi ki,
tu apni chaahat ko chaahat hi rahne de.
ye chaahate ban jaaye teri kalam ki taaqat;
ke tere kalaamon ko bhi mile khuda ki inaayat;
kyonki pyaar jismaani nahi hota.
do chaar kadam aage bhi bad aur
dekh pyaar faqat ruhaani hi hota.
mat ban Beparvaah khud se;
ho jaa laparvaah sabse;
fir dekh tamasha saudaai ka,
chot lagegi tujhe magar dekh rona khudaai ka.

bakaulGHLIB’-‘-””ye ishq nahi aasaan bus itna samajh lije;
ek aag ka dariya he aur tair ke jana he.”         khuda hafiz.

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hosh – o- hawaash

mere hosh gum ho gaye ,
koi hosh me to laaye bhalaa.
ek yaar purana kho gaya,
koi use to bulaaye bhala.
vo ugta hua peela sa chand ,
ban gaya he mere tute dil ka aaina.
he gar uski roshni me dum
to apne  ujaĺe tarano se yáad to dilaye bhala.
ulgh gaye gesu ke saaye;in
aandhiyon ko rok to de bhala.
gar na aaya tu to dekh lena;
fir na aaungi,laakh tu bulaaye bhala.
kuch bhi baaki hoshohawaas ho;
yaad kar le beete din,gaye to fir na aayenge bhala.

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in hope of comming morning

everyday day n night;
d morning n evening;
comes n goes O !!Christ.
i welcome them n respect;
coz their exictence r from u;
i see them with my heartly love,
coz they inspire me to love,
ur human beings n whole universe.
i see always a smiling face ,
in your rising sun  n,
selfless my love in ur sunset.
i love too ur moon n stars;
coz they make my heart;
delightful n happy my life;
forever with hopes day n night.

0 God bless me , my children,my spouse n  WHOLE MANKIND.
i think when whole human beings r happy n hopeful then we wll be happy n hopfull.

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as my close friends

to address my dear followers,
is’nt my fault .
to love my followers,
is not my crime.
where r u gone.
for God’s shake
plz come back.

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shade of my childhood

like germs of cancer,
insects r wanderd in some one;
who nieghter want to live,
n do’nt be alive to related person.
what is my fault,
only love mere love,
only my devotion,
only my sincierity,
only my affection,
for which panelty,i m bearing still now.
whole guy r as monkey n
i m proved as a cow.
i imagined dt my garden
would be full up with smiling flowers;
in many coulors n many fragrance.
i m in dream oh! still now,
n decieving by beloved still now.
my tolerance has punishment for mine,
like swimming in poisened wine.
i have lost my decided goal,
mash in me north n south pole.
no ! i should’nt want from anyone,
i should’nt expected from anyone.
ah! i want to live alone at my site,
u all go away from my eye sight.
i have believed you,
you have decieved me.
i have loved you,
you have haterd me.
O !shade of my childhood !
what may i expect from you,
what may i want from you.
i want only my mentel peace,
so be alone  n alone please.
live me in prayer with God ,
coz tired having many load.
n God is with forever you,
he will always care you.
what do God want,
only he is known.
what is in your future,
only he is known.
o !my soft dream of childhood,
i love u still my livelihood.
but i’m tired too ‘n tied,
‘n have be tearing eyed.
why as curse , being a mother,
even though o God take me care.
i’m frightend in this world ,
am i depressed or blessed ?
now i can’nt also die ,
coz of my lovely childhood.
excuse me please excuse me,
take care my dreams of my childhood.

i m as a cursed soul;
may GOD bless you all.

23dec.2015     3.30 p.m.

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tere mere beech me

ab tere mere sur nahi sajte;
kyonki ab hum kabhi nahi milte.
tu paigaam bhi bheje,
mujhe nahi milate.
main aawaz bhi don tujhe,
log sunne nahi dete.
suna tha bahut vaqt ka asar;
ab dekh liya maine  bhi tune bhi.
doob gaye ashqon ke dariya me,
saare vaade tere bhi mere  bhi.
yaadon ka kya vaadon ka kya,
dil bahlaaya khoob tune bhi mene bhi.
jaate huye jo de gaya sahara tu,
kahaan he nishaan dhoondhe mene bhi tune  bhi.
malhum bhi nahi he is baar vaqt bhi sau baar lagaaya tune bhi mene bhi.
yaar hazaar jo tere the,
badal gayi ab seerat bhi soorat bhi.
tanha tanha dagar apni ab,
bana liya use humdard bhi qoovat bhi.
parva na karna O door jaane waale, kitaab jindagi ki di khoob tune bhi.
saaj he aawaz nahi fir  bhi,
bajate he tan me bhi man bhi.
saara jahaan badlaa to hawa bhi badal gayi,
nahi badala vo silsila mera bhi tera bhi.
faasale laakh darmiyan ho fir bhi,
fir bhi vohi baat maujun he mere bhi tere bhi.

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day n night

i love day n night both;
i wana to see rising n seting.
night says me to sleep,
bt i want to see her beauty ,
who ‘s hidden in its darkness,
like black diomond’s lighting.
its own silence as untold  story,
  in    which i feel a song silent,
dt song i wanna to sing with her,
at dis midnight so coolness,
so sincere so purest n melodious.
as my soul wanna to absorb all dt,              bt night say to  sleep n sweet dreams.
oh !!night had won n i’blow its stteam.
now early in d morning l’m waking,
now d day where will he come ,
now i can be able to see sun rise.
dt make me to play all wordly game n show me his mazical frame.
day will say me to wake n work
coz he will has to go at last.
n i will say to stop ñow just,
i have to see his artical working,
no more den rush n hurrying .
bt he gives some imágination,
to máke my song fertilzation.
so much ĺong a day why do he hurry up,
so i enjoy àll action in his white ĺight up.
see him raising up as red ball
changing it white shinig round,
then like a big red baĺl who
is symbol of a true selfihless love.
in dis way passing d day
for ćominğ to anjel ñight
n again coming of raising light.
whole day n night memorable
come every day new lesson rememberable.
17.12.2015 6.00a.m.