My Roman Ruins…..

Many years ago

I had taken birth there,my dear Roma.

You can ask your own ruins.

My soul is wandering there from many centuries

You can ask Roma’s historians

Those tomb had become my grave

When Mongolian invaders come there

Those pillars was my hidden place when they were searched me everywhere.

Now i have came out from grave and wander without any fear

And search my beloved friend who is wandering unknown sphere

A rose blooms daily on that tomb ‘n a dew appears on it at dawn

I don’t know-from where he comes and go in zigzag of my ruins’s lawn

It is sure-his voice come to me like sigh by breeze

That is why i feel

My surrounding fills by his echoes

Not I and no he is alone there

Because every brick of lost empire

Sings a eternal song,may be we both are everywhere.

Written by Aruna Sharma.31.01.2021;


Eternal Ballet… The Lonely Author

On Twitter,only title,no poem,hey dew!! What are you saying?why your heart stopped to say ahead every time?what is hidden in your eternal ballet?please reply.🌹🌴🌹
I want to see your Eternal Ballet.👇

Is that which type.i think that is given
below type…


Where two souls meet  at beyond of horizon after sunset with pure love and dance careless that is eternal ballet.
From far distance ,without any longing,unseen like we both conversation is for selfish type world like a bullet.

You are the last chapter of my life….

My dear friend of my heart,

Your are now the last chapter of my notebook,

Almost read all chapeters,reading this last tragic chapter

My all tears are hanging like star on my wall for never to fall

They all want to sing and dance on Gallery of worst paintings hanging on hall.

Because this experience has given me a valuable lesson as gift to my love.

But i don’t know why my tears want to dance on it’s last painful part.

Really it is life,life has bounded me and keep me on knife,

But i have finished the knife edge,

And laugh,laugh and mock all things up on my foolish knowledge.


Written by Aruna Sharma.20.01.2021;10:44PM.

Here,my all dear friends!! Plz don’t mind because the word “last chapter”and “you,is done only for bad events in life as personification by me.

Be well,my all dear friends❤

Those stars…

Happy makar snkrati(kite festival) is over.

So much noisey voice like melodious on roof,street seemed like a concerto that is over.

Now night comes and nobody out of home.

Silence calls me and says-here is not any guy to loot your kite.

I say my friend-come on and fly the kite .

He smiles and ready to go some with the thread to bite.

We both will fly many kites high,higher and highest in sky,

For gathering many stars which attract us with love by twinkling.

Oh so much stars,may be we pick up then we will keep under our room’s ceiling and those will shine as blinking,wow.

Those stars will sing the lullabeis when we are in about of take the sleep,those will smiling by winking.

Because of those will be naughty then.we both have to force a sleep taking .

Under our those will be us in blankets to remove the darkness.

All night they will enlighten our eyelids till dawn the nightmare to vanish.

What a wonderful imaginations.

Say my dear,it is really a positive impression.😊😊😄😄😄❤❤❤

Written by Aruna Sharma.15.01.2021