My lonely star!!

Twinkle twinkle little star,

Up above in the sky,

Among them my lonely is most shining star,

Ever gazes me and smiles,hey guy!!

In my loneliness of my life he gives always me company.

In all the world ,only he is my true closed friend but shy.

On my rustic love he has to sprinkle always the levenders,

I ask him from where i can bring fresh flowerdew,hey my dear!!

Oh,how much is poor my dairy of affection,

But he ignores all those and wanders in his fun situation.

I don’t breakdown his soft heart,

Which has already stood at the hauntig point of the edge of river’s life.

Yeah,he is reflection of my shadow in the ponda.

And i am too his fellow wherever he goes like his nonda.

I want only cut down every chain which is burden for him as knife.

I talk him every night when world is lost in deep asleep.

I enjoy with him,for sometimes laugh and in pain weep.

He always console me and try to entertain me.

Oh, he is on the sky and i stand at the land but having spiritual love with me.

How i am lucky so much that being alone never feel alone.

He is a amazing messenger ,announcing to be happy like a fawn.

Why i care for any problems,enemy and all terrible situations,

Because he is my aquwaman for saving me by warning all giving the ultimatum.

He knows all secrets of my tears-why i have a flame in my heart.

To calm my burning heart,like drowned in nectar his songs are ready to start.

Written by aruna sharma.

30.03.2019. 1.18pm

Image are painting made by me.

(All copy rights are reserved by aruna sharma)

Balloon of love.

This ballon is coming to you by breeze of love.

A innocent girl is in waiting like a dove.

Where it will reach ,my dear!!

She is thinking-may be to peer.

Written by aruna sharma.

27.03.2019. 11.07pm

(All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma)

About the echos….

I am standing on the top of the heart hill,

Do you hear some echo as you will.

Your lasagna and my veg meal can create a good song like your Johnny walker fine.

Your meat and my efforts to cheat can be a love’s continental cuisine.

Oh my dear!! You are just the opposite side of the globe at a far distance.

All echos of my lovely heart are heard by you like my the sixth sense.

Why your heart can not allow you to sleep until late morning?

Why do you not try to halter constriction on your disturbing dreaming ?

Hear the all echoes in night’s silence,please, Early in the morning, why do you wake up, dear!!

I feel all scent of your dawn’s breath is sent by you for me to your love’s intoxicated beer.

Still now a lonely star tangles on my roof,

For liking and remembrance for both side, it is enough for the proof.

Is it not enough?

Please, send some words,

By breeze from your side,

It will bring your message although.

Definitely dear!! Definitely.

It is not my insanity but eternity.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

27-03-2019. 10:27pm

(All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma)

By your Angel !!

Are you understanding, my dear friend like tangling in my starry night’s closet.

Hey!! She is your Angel

And living with you like an innocent Lily as blessed baby for your closest.

In heaven your angel is playing with the harp.

On your hammock is swinging on rhythm with her strings like as sharp.

You know- she sends you a magical horse for you to ride in your dream land.

Yeah, you can walk in clouds and see all rainbows and touch by your hand.

Cute Lily would be eager to go there and clap to see the horse.

Please, take her with you, who knows-may be she will become an amazing poetess.

You have most blessed person having magical power to inspire all.

Through your hand on her head, she will convert into a magical Angel of verses at all.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

24-03-2019. 10:06pm

All copy rights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

My special friend!!

You have woken up early in the morning,

My lonely star gave me this message.


You have not written something amazing for few days.


My remembrance is vaporizing you.


Yesterday night, I had not seen my star, you have stolen that.


May be you are busy in travelling.


Who are you , oh, my unseen special friend?

Why am I losing myself in your thoughts, imagination and waiting.

Lily is happy to get you and wandering, talking with innocence.

Here I think-Alas I could be a whale in your ocean and you say- what a nonsense.

What is this relation, plz tell me,

In place of your memories, there is not me.

I wish that God make me again a child;

And like Lily, I could become a kid wild,

Who has to want only for listening the bed time stories,

Who has do to quarrel with love only with your memories.

No, I should not want the tears your ocean is enough.

All tides and ebbs are my emotions to tease you as a tail of your whale’s stuff.

That tail is pointing at you to remember all things, you have left behind,

Like a storm has to come and all rainbows of my dreams became blind.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

23.03.2019. 9.58pm.

All copyrights are reserved by aruna sharma.