From many long ago,

D system has been contnuing still now,o .my love.

From Cleaopetra to lailla-majnu,

Shiri farhaad to romio juliayat’s play of love.

Still now they are alive in shape of folklore..

Ocean of love,if we want,dear !do’nt care d shore.

2.03afternoon.         16.02 .2017

Written by aruna sharma.all copyright is reserved.

Real hero of life

have anybody seen;

The daimond’s queen?

Life is her most royal;

And has no guy as loyal. 

Sitting on thron,wow;

She is smiling  with rosey shaded.

And ,aah,beyond the curtain,

She is tearing with darkshaded.

Neah,i do’nt want to be that daimond of crown.

Chaplin is better with good combination of tear n smile as clown. 

Hail dear life !

Hail dear charlie !!

Neglecting d shining daimond;

You are real hero of life;

Having cute smile with wounded by luck’s knife.

16.02.2016.                  1.43at noon.

Written by aruna sharma.