Today i will not go to write some new post;

Today i will reply only for all comments.

Welcome my all dear bloggers and followers with love.

Because you are my true friends like mirror of love’s beauty

Why do i ignore you without any reason,it is my duty.

You all are my glowing and shining cool shadow of moon in the sky of my night’s imagination.

And all twinkling stars of the constellation and galaxy to take my boat at new goal like navigation.

Written by Aruna Sharma.22:09:2019.10.35pm

Happy fourth Blog Anniversary to Andrewz Deran….

All bloggers and followers are waiting for you.when will you come on your blog.
Today is your happy fourth blog anniversary.
You are blessed by your all friends and specially by God🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇 after recovering ,please come back because your all friends are feeling as they have lost something.
21:09:2019 is your special day.

My thoughts on love….

Everybody wants to be loved by some one

It is natural, it should be never mind by anyone.

Physical love is not permanent in this world because it ends with meeting each other after some time.

Perhaps love is never defined by all as according to their attitude to satisfy themselves since early era to modern time.

That type of love is good but the love with soul is better than

I believe in the love with soul and do it for universe forces me when

May be all will take it otherwise but I think it is best to admire all beauty

Because the love with someone, in the end converts in universal love like all are one and bound in unity

Love without soul, how can be possible to be alive in the life

It’s feelings are uncertain as life goes on a blade of knife

Only the love by soul is immortal,may be with somebody,creatures,flowers,rivers,ocean and all creations of universe

If your love has a hunger for flesh only, you can never be satisfy

My thought on love has immortal, so my heart feels glorify

Because my love shines and will be alive with all blessings of Creator of this universe

Having all coolness for burning wounds and heal everybody like the glowing moon

Here is no need to impress me, my love is for everybody forever as necter’s saloon.

Written by Aruna Sharma.21:09:2019;9.35pm
All copy rights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.
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My lonely hope of love…

Never mind if nobody gives you any response

May be he is feeling most pains and having wounds

It is natural- some are irriated when if one thing is asked many time

Feeling so much disturbance like a baby come to examine

Please leave him in his own emotion’s room for relaxing

So that he can talk with his own soul after all obstacles have been removing

Let him start again with a new point if he wants

Because life is too short for everybody to enchants

If I am worrying and standing at centre of volcano here

But have patience knowing this truth-my destiny will take me nowhere

Oh my dear heart!!be calm,
be relax because all beauty is uncertain

We are only waiting for and all hopes are situated on top of mountain

When the glaciers will melt and come down like a river

May be all beloved heart feel happy as rainy day’s shiver

I don’t care if ,my friend!!you can call me stupid,

Because you are blessed by Aphrodite and symbol of Cupid.

But in my heart has all feelins of blessings of my Krishna

And her Radha is still now dancing on riverbank of Yamuna

Sure,here all are mortal in the universe with unending hopes

But my Krishna has given me to reach him amazing ropes

My dear!!the love never is for defeated by all

May be all are to go forever heaven or hell

Written by Aruna Sharma.21:09:2019;12.53 at night. All images are taken from Google.
All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Lonely heart but blessed….

Sun is alone but shines in all universe to give its warmth to awakening all imagination

Moon is alone but glows as cool to fill colours in everybody’s dreamy eyes for consolation.

The Universe feels lonesome but inspires all living beings with beauty in its own garden

All souls love to all whom know that she is one to give her company by living inside them for inspiration

My lonely poet with his soul lives everywhere east to west and north to south as scattering his verses awesome

Who dare to tell me that I am alone because all constellation of my emotions wanders around his soul’s galaxy of songs whispering in my ears from silent horizon.

He is my Helioes to drive daily across esat to west across the sky in his chariot

And filling my quill with warmth rays to making the rainbow portrait

Between palm trees he’s chasing the closest one’s ray to make her so much proud and say her to fly in sky like kite up more up

When the exotic paradise calls Him then at last He sails around with northerly streams of ocean each night in mojito’s huge cup

After then the night looks like humming with joyful mode

And waiting eagerly to get any lovely massage with staring at the dawn’s road.

Bless you with my soul,my dear!!

Written by Aruna Sharma.1.14at midnight;20:09;2018
All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.
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Tears for never, smile forever…

No, no, no my dearest one!!

Tears are for never, left them for me.

You laugh and smile forever for me.

When you laugh, my tears smile

When you smile, my roses become fragile

Why are you lost in thoughts and become moony

My all beatings are quite still as a beloved like loony

I am still now waiting for you like a standing one just alone at my window

Know- you are remembering me at your tropical paradise so much lindo

How so much, it is good- I may wander with you there in shadow of trees of palm

Why- you can not have idea about my burning emotions to be calm

Oh my crazy heart!! What can I do for you because of your stubborn wish

I am a normal guy not belonged to that ocean’s gold fish.

Maybe you and my friend are on top of my favourite list

But no princess to gather all as she wish to take in her fist

Perhaps my heart so much stubborn to remember you, so, will write continuously

Because it will make your pillow mostly soft to heal  mildly and wonderfully.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

18:09;2019. 10.18pm

Images are taken from Google.

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.