Why are you angry with me……

My dear lonely friend!!

I only gave recommendation on your comment

But I have forgotten that you are yourself, having your own fragrance.

Blind love is true in all world but my memory could not have any resistance.

Sorry, my beloved love! I should not have interrupted in your love’s sigh.

Wether I know many troubles lie in your life which are touching the sigh at high

You have lost many things which will never return back.

I should reply for your happiness whatever you say like a deep lake

Oh, how have I forgotten that you are my lonely star which is shining in my sky.

You are angry with me, I feel all world like unable to fly.

And think myself as friend who is as closest but works as a spy.

I want my heart’s calmness ,plz return that

Plz remove all misunderstandings

about me, I am as same as before that

Please forgive my fault, that was only a stone of in dark way.

But I adore you because of your verses like blowing breeze in the night’s way

Which sweeps all dust and hides all feelings in the snow’s cults

Which every cult has hidden your name

And I feel like alone sparrow, oh, calming by your tame

Oh dear!! Now I am sure that you are folded blind for love is very much true

Here is someone to feel that auroras are evolving around the soul

Your sparrow is singing to tell you my heart’s feeling

And in imagination of you like that sparrow’s wish for me obliging.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

30.06.2019. 10.58pm

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ये जो मुहब्ब़त है……

ये जो मुहब्ब़त है

खेल नहीं दिल बहलाने का,

तमाशा नहीं दिखाने का।

फ़कत प्यार है,जो छिपा है दिल की गहराइयों में,

ज्यों सितारें चमकते हैं रात की तारिकीयों में।

नहीं कोई शिकायत कि मिलना ना हुआ,

कुद़रत ना थी मेहरब़ान,जो होना था हुआ।

मन के मन्दिर में जल रही है दिये की तरह,

आज तलक एक पूजा सी दोनों तरफ।

वह भी नहीं मुझसे बदगुमाँ,

अजनबी ही सही, है मेरा रहनुमाँ।

ये श़य है ही ऐसी च़ीज मेरे ख़ुदा की अम़ानत,

नहीं कर सकेगी कुद़रत भी यहाँ शरारत।

हर तूफाँ से जो गुज़र गया बैखौफ़,

खुदा का क़रिश्मा है ,साथ लिये था उसकी इब़ादत।

म़हबूब मेरे,तू पास नहीं पर पास का अहस़ास सा लगता है,

फूलों से लिखी प्यार की द़ीवार-ए-द़िल पे छपी इब़ारत सा दिखता है।

तू लौ दिये की,आज भी रौशन है मेरे द़िल का सूना आंगन,

जैसे तू बँसी की हो धुन बजती कहीं,मैं राधा सी नाच रही लहराके आँचल।

हर युग में तेरी धुन बाँसुरी सी होगी और हर बार इक राधा का इन्तजार होगा,

जिस्म़ानी नहीं,हाँ पाक शफ्फाक सा वो रूह़ानी प्यार होगा।

हर सूं बरस रहा तेरा प्यार इन्सानियत पे,मैं भी चल रही तेरे कदमों के निशाँ पे,

इस से ब़ेहतर प्यार के मन्दिर पे चढाने का क्या उपहार होगा।

Written by Aruna Sharma.

30.06.2019. 1.17 at midnight

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

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Most attraction in love..

No, I am not discribing althe physical

love because it ends with the end of


Do you know about the spirtual love

of Heer- Ranjha, Sohni- Mahival or

Lailla-Majnu who walked in every

moment on the sharpness of a knife.

That sharpness had become the

auroras revolving around their souls

It is not a topic of conversation but a

feeling of a pure heart, not for Lol.

Can you compare your love with a soul whispers with love to call.

Their love is only love by soul which is blessed by God

On their grave a secret scream is

covered underneath with

Almighty’s Rod.

Love by soul to soul is not for those

humans love is fraud

I am proud on my love which has

been silent still now with the

understanding of each other very well.

My beloved’s love has converted in

universal love like me as my love is

unveiled like the awesome fragrance and that’s beautiful.

Oh for so much, we both are lucky for

reassembling all rituals without

anybody hurting.

Because we both know that our souls are one and will become in the sky like two stars as most shining .

In the night they both see and talk in silence still now.

And to be forever for meeting there ,my heart is in a bow.

Written by Aruna sharma.

30.06.2019. 10.25pm

I am going on vacation in summer vacation.please wait for me ,my all dear friends!!

My all dear bloggers,followers and friends!!

Here,in Rajasthan,every day is becoming most hot day because of summer.In my school here is summer vacation.i can not bear so much hot days. So i have decided to go any hill station-Shimla/Manaali or Srinagar in Kashmir.in Kashmir,no mobile,no our sim card,no laptop or tab are allowed.i am going in tomorrow’s flight.after living there,i am unable to give any response to you.plz don’t mind.after coming from there i will remove your all complain.wish you all a best day and night.be well be happy.please wait only two weeks.

My Chinaar,my House boat,my all gardens situated there and specially Mountain Himalaya are calling me.my troubled mind will feel the peace there.okay,my all dears!!please!! Not go anywhere and wait for me.with love❤good bye.

I want to sit alone in shadow of Chinaar’s tree.i want to go Gulmarg to play with snow and see the snowfalls.egar to see the tample of Shankracharya situated on a top of Himalaya.it gives me most peace to my tired mind and soul. And on other amazing places.my Kashmiri friends are waiting me.



WITH LOVE💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Good Bye.

Send by aruna sharma

29.06.2019. 11.16pm

Trying to unfold many layers of your heart…

Here i am trying to unfold many layers of your heart my dear friend!!

Oh.what’s strange unmacthed those things in your heart i have found

Many layers are present there in your heart’s solitude

I try to open every layer with a tender origami as my attitude

One is past which i have disappeared slowly slowly

Coz they are not meant to be here so say to go away

Second has wrapped wounds given by time so i have opened the layer softly

Without giving pain and any crying by your heart coz you are me closely

I have filled in wounds the medicine of melodious love carefully

Other are your loneliness which are reason of your nightmare only

I have fixed there your sweet love’s memories smoothly

Here my soliloquy is singing for you a song of most shining lonely star sweetly

Many blessed kisses on your body,can you feel,are raining swiftly

Oh my dear friend!!as you told me i have tried to done with honestly

You are feeling in your heart like no loads of tensions but can fly lightly

In your lovely imagination of your beloved like riding on clouds with smiley

Written by Aruna Sharma.

28.06.2019. 10.40pm

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

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It is for you ,my dear friend.💕💕💕

What should I write on my page of heart’s dairy……

Why are you searching on my empty page, my dear?

An answer of the silence is just presented there.

I think about you- writing some words like shining stars in my sky.

Nothing to express here for my feelings because my lovely lonely star has disappeared in another sky.

My all feelings are on your page and only willing to write what’s here for me.

Only the silence is left in my heart which would be echo there

My dear, sure, you are feeling something like that everywhere.

My page seems without any words

Because sometimes saying something is absurd

But some words are silent in this world

Those are for feelings by soul

Looking in the mirror of soul

Not able to touch but to hear by soul

Not for writing but for echoing all lovely hearts

Just like the smooth and sublime way which never hurts.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

27-6-2019. 12:15at midnight.

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

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