ye kaun si jagah he doston…

Tum kaun ho;kahin dekah sa lagta he;

Bholi si he soorat par dil ameer sa lagta he.

Kya Ghalib se mil aayi ho ya milna Meer sa lagta he.

Gazalon ki kitaab ka koyi kissa-e-Heer sa lagta he.

Me to hun deewaana,dil ke dard me ab tab khameer sa lagta he.

Vaadiyon me gum mere nazmon ki kyun tu taaseer sa lagta he.

Written by aruna sharma.


Tum kashmir,me rajasthaan…

Tum pari ho kashmir ki,meri jaan !

Me hun tapta sa fakat rajasthan.

Tum ho khuda ki nemat ka ayaan;

Mere pass he door kahi nakhlistaan.

Aag si tapti jameen pe he bas ek armaan;

Kahin se aa jaaye koi purnam tera paigaam.

Nadiyon me he teri aawaaz khushnam.;

Chinaaron me gunjte he har su tere nazm.

Ek tanha sa musafir bhatkta he teri yaad me gum;

Tum hi shaayad bhejo shaayad koi baadal,intezaar me ham.

Khoi huyi si fizaaon me bulaata to he koi hamdam;

Shaayad tum pukaarti ho mujhe aane ko hardam.

Yuhin to besabab gumaan nahin,aye mere kadam.

Kya yuhin sahra mein thandi si hawaayein aati hein ba-dam.

Vahin ki fizaaon se takra ke dene jo yaad aayi he baadal si khushnam.

Khuda ki qaaynaat me tera sahra he to vo bhi ek gulistaan ka kham.

Sun meri kashmir!!sahra he unwaan to tum uski anjaam.

Tum khusiyon ka banke raho aasmaan;

Hum to rahbar hein;dhoondh hi lenge fakhta-e-armaan.

Written by aruna sharma.

31.03.2017.         At midnight.

Happy birthday my chinaar-e-kashmir.

You are so much beautiful…..

You r so much beautiful;

As d garden is beautified by butterflies.

Only flowers have no values;

They r blossomed by its wonderful flies.

Ur smiling way of living has many lessons;

Ur imagination awakes in heart more passions.
I am remebering that day;

When u have come in my lap.

I realized,then., d universe was;

Wandering around me as pape.

Have u brought some message from my beloved GOD

I thoght dt time to see d dimple on ur cheeks like POD.

Many oceans were singing cheerful songs in ur eyes;

Sky with many dazzling stars was come down to get ur rays .

I am wishing u now my butterfly; 

To take many happy births for me to fairy’s fly.

I wish u -u may smile n dance forever as ur birth right;

Kick d ass in shape of wranglings,dt is ur right.

Although i am not near you my charmingly darling;

But here is no importance of distance in ur existence’s enchanting.

Wherever u go as u will from atlantic to pacific;

But pour moi,mess enfant sont speciaux…

Written by aruna for a cute babe.



Why are thorns with one rose…

Oh God!! why are many thorns with one rose?

Uff,we all have hurted and bleeded hands’s pose.

Are you happy to see us as tortured as pus?

Then ,why have you spreaded many obstacles in way of lovers? 

Soon an unkown voice echoes as profound;

As a propher has come and announced…..

 “My all dear guys !!please hear with attention;

It is no easy to cross the river of love , having tension.

Tell me firstly-what is love and definition of it?

Are u sure to love and to give ur life for it?

If u are smooth and soft hearted;

If u have courageous and brave minded;

Then you can get that rose as beloved;

That rose,listen dear,is not for crushed.

I have made many deserts with beautiful gardens;

For cruel guy as emotionless for really pardons.

These things are unable to understand for naive;

Guy of this type is only prohibited cause of rose’s survive.

Who has many wounds in feet and can keep more patience;

He is really authorized for being the rose’s prince.”

Written by aruna sharma.

29.03.2017.              2.17pm

when cool breeze soars…

When cool breeze soars, when dark clouds roars.
You-my faithful adore, your memories revoke.

The tale of life howsoever appealing.
Without you it means nothing.
Nice it’d be I was wondering, if by chance you came in storming.
You too would come in, you too would come in.
These flowerings in these surroundings, seeing all these my darling.
Know not in my heart what occurs, your memories revoke.

These views of milieus and our youth too.
Oh all these hues, oh all these hues.
I feel so, you’re near to-(this patio).

To this garden my beau, to this garden my beau.
Hearing his footsteps my heart beats keeps accelerating.
Today more than ever, your memories revoke.

D song of movie-do badan (jab chali thandi hawaa…..)