Night,sweet night..

Night is only that space;

Where you can go far away from maddening crowd,

For relaxing your soul.

My dear!!think,imagine n fly with your Angel of sweet dreams,

Left all wrangled thing,sleep alone in silence without worries out.

It is only the best way to clean all dust from you soul,

And connect like many centuries having that all.

Written by aruna.

29.10.2018. 9.46pm

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

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Plz,don’t disturb me….

I have left all wrangle things of this world.

Now my lips whisper only the name of my beloved Krishna.

Now I am busy in dancing with my Alena.

He is connecting fully with my soul and I am with my supersoul.

Now I am intoxicated by his flute’s tune;

I was only a black sky and he became the shining moon’s mune.*

Oh don’t call me, I am beyond everybody reach.

And busy to see a loyal n royal dream in his lovely ocean beach.

He met me at the bank of Yamuna river before many centuries.

I was flowing with him as Ganga river and melted with him at bay of Universe.

Written by aruna sharma.

21.10.2018. . 11.09pm

All copyright are reserved by aruna sharma.

All images are taken from Google.

*mune=heart,feelings,beloved in Japanese language.

Where are you ?My soul!!

I remember my true soul of love;

Oh my honest love!! You have loved me forever;

But I was a foolish bird who couldn’t understand n thought-it was a bit clever.

When you had gone away after waiting many years for me,

Then I understood your selfless love with my feelings by me.

Oh I was so much innocent, why did you not try to tell me?

After long years passed away, now an unseen wall has appeared between you n me .

But those feelings of love are alive in my heart and become a part of my life forever.

Your crooked eyes n smile with shyness, saying by eyes, without any touch,

My careness by you with love n honour, oh I was lucky so much.

I felt myself as d Goddess of amour.

Now you are at an unknown place’s inhabitater,

And here my whole body is filled by your colour.

No, I can not accept anyone in the lonely corner of my heart,

I definitely know- your every beating n breathing are presented at corner of heart.

Because the breeze, the clouds n every twinkling stares are mine coz of you.

My heart is beating for you

If you cry, my eyes fill with tears,

In your vains ,only my love is flowing.

What is my last will be to embarrass and take my last breath in your laps.

By doing so, my thirsty soul will become satisfied.

If you like- my will depends on you, give me permission.

No, never- if you don’t want this but my love for your soul is not neglected.

This is too enough for me to be happy,

Because you are my essence and my life is always ready.

Here is not your fault or mine but luck’s game.

Our love is pure as the worship in temple ,here is not matter of shame.

The candle to shine and the flute of krishna,

I am Radha for burning to show your love like Alena.

Written by aruna sharma.

20.10.2018. 12.42am

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.

All images are taken by Google.