who am i

Be gentle people, it has been two months since I attempted to write poetry. There is plenty of rust.

Who Am I

who am i

who are you
her reflection sighs
fogging the mirror
before I can steal a kiss

who am I
the mist dissipates
revealing a garden forgotten
a mirror image of me
two flowers of dark love
sowed in solitude

I soil my face with jasmines
her scent whispers to me
you are my soul
I am the air that you breathe

Most beautiful poem written by The lonely Author like my wonderful imagination.it’s image remind me a forgotten something which touched my heart often.what is that?i don’t know.may be that is a part of my love’s imagination.Really drew is magician of words.i have never seen him but feel -he is closest of my heart❤i think-a soul is connected with lovely soul.bless you,my dear friend!!

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