To multiply ‘n to do minus…When?

Snow Fall or Fiasco..Why need to fear …

Heavy snow fall in Chalifornia

Heavy earthquakes from Afganistan to Delhi

Melting the mostly glaciers in Antarctica

Has the earth  disturbed by any unhappy situations

So ,she is suffering from the Phobia🤔

If she has such feelings

What will happen with her humans

Where all humans save their regions

And I…

Feel so puzzled….

Inside me….

Heavy snow fall…

As I feel…

Many earthquake…

Having many cracks on my heart’s wall..

Melting glaciers….

Make my heart so cool….

I am crying….

Oh,bitterly flowing in cool waters…

Hey devil!! Stop all war-sessions..

You never never know….

Your egoism will drown all humanity..

At last ,you all will go where…

When all sites of earth will burst at once by fire like atomic volcano…

Inside that volcano,have you your safe palace all are stupid and nonsense
And fake brave with weapons without no minded

History is repeating itself,dear Devils!!

Truth is truth for winning

Your fake egoism ….

You have just know..

Have to burn in Sun’s cursed rays.

Now,you are preparing to become..

A forgotten pages of History…

Nobody remember you already..

This is kingdom of our dear Almighty

No place for you to take sheltter…

Think,just a minute if you can..

But how you can think,bloody fool….

You have to flow in river of blood forever

For ,this earth is for lovely humanness

And all lovely creatures for seeking awesomeness

May be,our motherland is suffering to save  all

As the mothers care her all children for saving from conflicts all

Never fear,my dears…

From coming Fiasco.

Form cooling blood..

From cracking heart’s wall…

From avalanche by blasting bomb…

Our love…

Our truth…

Our God…

Save us all at last.

Only need to keep the faith on God!!

Because of Him,our earth is insuranced

The miracles happen , it is sured.

Copyright © 2022 Aruna Sharma
All rights reserved