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Love between east n west

Who was that person,

Said so -d east is east n west is west.

Both can never meet.why?

Was he a crackminded man?

See d compass- both does not belonged to each other!!!!

See it seems as Sun as brighter.

Like this all humans n souls are involved in each other.

Love is itself so much empowered,

World’s shape has become shortest;

And love’s word become a boss d great.

In so much bloody climate;

She has power to do silent.

May be she lost her silence;

But is thirsty to love,

Want some words of love,

Has strong will to love as breeze-

As blowing in surrounding d fragrance of love as blooming flowers.

Yeah, she writes to you as tearful lines,

Because she want to be d raindrops-

As raining on earth for becoming d spreadsheet of gems for thirsty souls.

And want to become d river of love ,

Who comes from top of zenith to give necter for all thirsty those.

With love.

Written by aruna sharma.

22.02.2018. 1.50 at midnight.

Uff,the life…..

Uff d life;wow ,d life!!

What is your face n nature;

Nobody has understood,

About of your reatlity’s feature.

Oh d life,uff d life!!

I have loved you ever n worshiped ,

As bowing my head towards you,

Yeah,hey d life like d God by whisperd.

In your garden had many lovely coulorful flowers but,

Having too many thrones for me as wounded.

Still now my love is super on all things;

You can never hurt that because of almighty’s shed.

It is over n beyond d world wrangling;

Having d responsbilities for every wounded or lonely wanderer as living.

Yeah my soul writes for every person,

May be she is too involved in many wranglings.

Yeah,she writes to me and i write to all,

Because of my losting love is apeared by this writings.

May be you bring many dangerous paths in my way;uff d life!!

But i have d gem of immortal love in my heart as crown of my own life,wow d life.

Written by aruna sharma.

22.02.2018. 12.00at night.

Aha Zindagi!!!

Aha zindgi!!
Aah zindagi!!
Surat hai kya seerat,
Nahi samjh paayi ,vaah zindagi!
Karti aayi hun teri justaju
Kis aarzoo mein teri bandagi,
Vaah zindagi !aah zindagi!
Tere gulistan mein gul khile hain rang birange,
Par kharon ne hai ki darindgi,
Aah zindagi!!
Ek naam tune mujhe diya,
Ek naam duniya se mila,
Yeh kaisi chaal hai kaisi khundagi ,aah zindagi!!
Paseena to bah raha ashko ki manind,
Nigahon ke ashq abar mein samaaye,
Aaah zindagi!
Ab toh barsaat hoti hai mehsoos hota hai, aasman ki aankhon se baras rahe ho ashq ,
Shayad yahi hai har ishq ki zindagi ,
aah zindagi ,waah zindagi!
Tujhko majnu sa salam deti he meri zindagi, aha zindagi ,!!aah zindagi!!
Laakh karle tu zulm dushmani mein
Par nahi chalega tera zor hamare pyaar me he dewaangi,
Hota aaya hai zamane mein ,kabhi tu upar kabhi neeche, mere ishq mein aye zindagi ,
Waah zindagi !aah zindagi.!

Ek darakht ke tane ke patto ki manind ho ,gaur karo, uss darakht ke dil ke jazbaat ki tishnagi; waah zindagi ,!aah zindagi!
Tujhe angoori jaam ka salaam_ aye zindagi!!
Aha zindagi !waah zindagi ,aah zindagi.!

Written by aruna sharma.

11.10pm. … 21.02.2018

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