A letter to The lonely Author- again beginning for asking.

Why are you ignoring my all comments ,dear author!!

Are you have dropped me in the hell of spams or understand me a folk lore?

Waiting for your verses are worst by me,plz say again one time.

Forget me nots are my heart’s room like wind chime.

*From- you know,dear!!*

My mind is in ????????????????

18.02.2019. 10.15pm


Alone ballerina!!Why is she dancing and….

My dear Ballerina!!

Why are you dancing alone,

On a rhyme with music coming from the unknown.

You do know that person who has gone.

My lonely star is walking in my sky as like its daily routine but not saying anything to a special friend having a clash.

May be his lovely soul of love wants to be far from haunting pace.

My all callings are echoing and returning back to me to touch my love’s sky as blank space.

What happened, please tell me, oh my ballerina’s living in my heart’s place.

My sixth sense has failed now when I am searching for.

My special friend dew may become a folklore,

Either changing in something stranger and ignore.

Why he is staring me from far distance,

As my lonely star is gazing me from up above in my sky remains.

My heart says that he wants to go away from this maddening crowd.

My heart only give him bless but only a wish for him who may be like bard.

Where his sweet voice is what I want to hear for,

Oh, what happened to his lovely verses for which I am waiting for.

Like that dancing ballerina, I am trying my mind to get settled,

But feeling only forlorn here in my imagination which is as tangled.

Thinking that he has learnt the lesson of silent love spoken by eyes,

But for it, for him never needed go to seven skies.

My poor luck of love in tears,

It is only for my soul to dancing wears.


Written by Aruna Sharma.

17.02.2019. 11.10pm

All copy rights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Images are taken from some magazine.

Happy dancing without any fear…..

I am dancing with my soul at your beach without any fear,

Have you ever feel any problem, plz keep it in your lonely pocket.

If you think that I am mad, think so as speaking your lonely heart.

I am dancing in dress of loneliness but have no worries about anybody to get hurt.

World is so much selfish, I have seen its face as nude but for me it’s like fake smiling tact.

Ha, I knew already it before that love is mere word for the world to entrap.

But I don’t care about anybody because my all heartbeats are like blessed love with me.

Maybe someone is with me or not, my blessed loneliness is with me.

My own heart inspires me for a happy walk, dance, sing and live with me.

No one never come this close with me,

Because it interferes in my all blessed imagination belonged to the universe.

Nobody knows about any dress of the sand which points towards the graves.

Oh, my poor guy!! It is eternal truth when the world had to be present for every acceptance.

Why are we worried about this short space in this world: it is only for happiness.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

15.02.2019. 11:47pm

Images are taken from Google.