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“Out of sight,out of mind,_”Once upon a time

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Written by Aruna Sharma.28.04.2022;3:47PM

Introduction of Great Vijay Nagar Kingdom in South India which was ended by Battle of Talicota-some historical facts.

The ruines of Vijaynagar kingdom.

The Battle of Talikota (23 January 1565) was a watershed battle held between the Vijayanagara Empire and an alliance of the Deccan sultanates. The defeat of Aliya Rama Raya led to the eventual collapse of the polity and reconfigured Deccan politics.

What is Rakkasa Tangadi battle?

The Muslim Sultanates to the north of Vijayanagara united and attacked Aliya Rama Raya’s army, on 23 January 1565, in an engagement known as the Battle of Talikota. The armies clashed on the plains near the villages of Rakkasagi and Tangadigi (it is also known as the Battle of Rakkasa-Tangadi).

Virupaksh Temple.

The city and its first dynasty were founded in 1336 by five sons of Sangama, of whom Harihara and Bukka became the city’s first kings. In time Vijayanagar became the greatest empire of southern India.