My candle of heart and your flame are for everybody…..

My candle’s light of heart is for everyone, dear, like your flame in heart full of loves.

Both are same as taking the message of love by flying cute ,white doves.

But here is a little bit difference between both.

You are in open like a flame,

I am only a light of candle as loath.

But I have no complain on my situation because I love to be loved.

You too are the admirer of amor who loves everything in this world.

Your love is like a fire for burning every evils in world’s forest,

And my candle is lightening into a cave of snowy mountains.

By that every cult of snow is melting as tears’s fountains.

Those are flowing into shape of river from here n there,

So I love everything in this universe.

You are like a lightening and roaring cloud,

But become cool for all climates to be dancing in the rain of your verse.

Here is one similar thing is presented

of pure soul may be tearing or

singing on piano.

Your love’s flame and my snow’s

cult are hidden in anger or love as volcano.

It is nesseccity to spoil the infiidelity and unloyalty.

For saving the feelings of love and its beauty.

Both shape of love are absolutely right here for humanity, dear!!

Like to show anyone the path of love, we often become lion or deer.

Written by aruna sharma.

29.06.2018. … 11.56pm

All images are taken from Google.

(All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma).

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