A Sophisticated Kiss Of Two Flowers….

I am  most confusing,
Dear,tell me about of your wanting.
I am not able for you ,knowing very well,
I do my all duties or left those at all.
Never like to be a hypocrite,
With clear mind,what do i write.
The love is ideal of my life’s penorama,
Do you know-it is so much pure not a drama.
I can sacrifice all loggings on my ideal,
May be i live or die but can not accept
worst thing to reveal.
I have gotten many fractures in my whole existence,
But forget all to read your poem’s smooth substance.
Oh my dear dew!!left me on my conditions,
For my hurt life demands only your consolations .
We both are soft flowers for fragrance in universe’s garden.
I love your dancing leaf which remind my sweet memories of innocent youth.
And when i remember those then i call on your booth.
We both are two part of one soul as i think,
This soul never talks but gives only flying kiss with wink.
So much enchanting our friendship no example of it,
Oh my dew!!please,let your love’s candle, like in this way ,always light up as your heart.Written by Aruna Sharma.
24.07.2020.                    10.45pmIT IS FOR YOU🌹

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