Daily and Daily…..

Daily and daily as train passes near by my heart’s home,

You remind me of our first meeting at my station like whistling alone,

If I lay down on railway track, hope you would never stop me.

Because I wanna hear your sound of footsteps by doing so, I know-you would glee.

Daily I say to you good morning, good night and goodbye

But no reply in return to me, so silly am I…

I am only waiting for you sitting in the dark side

‘N you are enjoying my innocence at your ocean side.

Don’t pretend to be innocent, my lonelydew!!

This time, you are the day n’ I am the night.

Chasing each other always, it is immortal truth, Mr.Right.





Whatever song you are humming at this moment by tangled on edge of my roof,

I am listening to you, you don’t know, ask your heart-that will give you proof.

All constellation are by my side, Hey lonely Star!!

What is your side beside me,uhh,only on your heart with my nail’s scar.

As the water is colourless in your ocean,

But having rainbow’s colours on dawn ‘ n dusk, these are because of me.

Oh. You are smiling after giving me pain of tearing from my eyes for shining on lid’s field,

Alright, it is accepted by my heart like your love’s rain on your window shield.

Okay bye, sleep well by imagining that your pillow is my arm,

And accept my kiss on your forehead as the sheeps are free in Lord’s farm.

Good night,my lonelydew!! Sleep well with my dreams,😘😘😘😘🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴😘😘😘😘😘

Written by Aruna Sharma.30.01.2022;9.35PM