No ,Never,but forever to be your side….

I wanted to confess my love for you,

But my heart refused to do that.

“Who are you for confession?

It depends wholly on me,”

He threatened me by taking the names of two souls of you ‘n me.

Oh. I forgot all those matters related to the innocent heart.

My mind could’t face the storms inside ‘n outside enraging in front of me and try to cheat .

Oh.My Lonely Star!! Plz come again on the edge of my roof,

I want to show you all stains on my heart of your love as proof.

No, never, haven’t forgot you as I promised to you,

Forgive me,mi amour!! My heart knows very well there is nothing in my life without you.

As without water fishes can never be alive,

Without your breeze of Floridanpalm imagination, how could I imagine to inhale the fresh air to be alive.

I have left all feelings’ to the fishes to swim in your verses’ ocean,

Because my soul is standing with you for seeing the magic of your sunset’s view at your horizon.

Written By Aruna Sharma.25.01.2022. 8.57PM .All copyrights are reserved by aruna3.


Only waiting for you,my all rights of life are handled by you.🌹🌹🌹🌴🌴🌴🌴🌹🌹🌹🌹