About September….

Yeah.the month of September is awesome and wonderful

Because it is messenger of me for my first love that was so much beautiful

Now the season of winter is coming after my beloved Autumn

My many lovely memories will sleeping with me under the blanket as soften

I knew before that all Septemberist are most popular at social circle

And everything in life is come already because of the destiny’s tumbler

They are most blessed and lucky to have love from many more

But when they want a special one never have to got but waiting for

They long to be the moon for their all nights

Only dusk of memories is written in their fate as destiny always writes

Most wounds are only cried in silence in a corner of hearts for heard

Many time ,when , passed away,then there were only teary eyes dried.

Okay.it is too right for spreading that love in all universe.

I am taken birth in September twenty one with having many longings

Like most beautiful red roses and butterflies in my night’s dreamings

I liked always the weird leaves of Autmn

Then i did not know the meaning of leave’s fallen

Oh.now i knew all about of love and relations between all seasons

Rains for tear

Summer for thirst

Winter for memory

And Autumn for everything for loving forever by soul never forgeting

Oh my beloved!!may be you are not here from many centuries

But i feel you are walking with me continuously as immortal series

I have known that you come in my life to teach how to be loved

Now the word of love has become most important principle of my life

And converted in spiritual love to give all needing slife

Now i am a wandering cloud on sky come down to earth then

If i have gotten any wounds now,heart don’t care but laugh loudly

I think and find in you the image of messenger of God of love for everybody and announce proudly

May be we will not to meet in this birth because Septemberist never get true love but live lonesome

You know-true love demands only sacrifice like falcon

Don’t worry my beloved!!we both will take next birth from our love’s ashes own.

Written by Aruna Sharma.
22.10.2019;2.13 at midnight
All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.
Images are taken from Google.



I am too a child of God….

Is this you?

When he asked me to delete my own poem

I deleted it which was written to the Girl.

When he told me to not tease his valuable friend’s soft heart

I have done it as saving his precious pearls

I have apologized to him for my mistaken work

He had forgiven me like a prince of the all beloved’s shrub

His every words was the cactus grown in my heart

Which every thorn is pinching my soft skin as tearing in two bloody parts

Why he had no imagined that deleting the verse written by me

As giving so much painful and tearful like the abortion

That was like a murder of unborn child in the womb at that duration

I thought-he tryed to ruin my rosey garden of love

One side he asked the woman to get her company

Other side he hesitated and complained for any Girl

I think-who is he for me to pressure on me

I want to say him for going and asking his God with my plea

Am i not a child of God or his God is nothing but for me

No never never ,i will not give anybody any right for blame to me

As i walk,this time, i am wandering on path of love but now to be beware

Nobody has rights to look me like a slave and has such behaviour

Written by aruna sharma.21.10.2019


Plz,no complain any more about your friends.