Why blues…..?

Why blues?

Lonely guy feels loneliness;

But having too a heart full of love as red rose for ever blossomed;

And lives with red wine so much intoxicated.

Everybody knows the colour of love is reddish like rose or full of a glass of wine.

Because a alone heart feel and see all colours,it’s no big matter but fine.

Here the question is not for blues because sky is itself blue in day or night,

All colours are included in universe, of love ,not only blue, right.

Oh my dear!!see on the sky there are many stars shattering,

Among them only your heart is special for blessing.

You are if lonely but not just alone;

Because your heart is itself magical muse like moon ;

That smiling star is you with blessed garland of hera.

You have many miracles in your inner side as cupid, so smile n forget the past sloon.

Written by aruna sharma.

30.07.2018. 12.58am

(All copyrights are reserved by aruna sharma)

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