चाँद जिन्दगी का रहे सलामत…..

जिन्दगी के आस्माँ पे चमकता रहे चाँद हरदम जिन्दगी का,

शायरों के पास हरदम बनी रहे द़वात-ए-रोशऩाई का।

हर हर्फ़ सजते रहें दिलों में ब़रकरार-ए-बफ़ाई का।

उन्हीं की बदौलत चमकते हैं चाँद सितारे,

देते हैं दिलासा चोट खाये दिल को रहनुमाँई सा।

अँधेरों के च़िराग है गोया कि अक्स हर दर्द की इन्तिहाई का।

फिर सजते हैं सितारें जुगनू की मानिंद सभी नज्म,

ज्यों कोई हुस्न के आँचल में सुनाई दे कोई प्यार का ऩगमा सरगोश़ी सा।

जमीं पे हैं सभी शख्स चाहे हिन्दुस्तान या पाकिस्तान ,

नज़रिय़ात तो एक है,दोस्तों!!मुहब्बत में आशऩाई का।

कलम-ए-ऩज्म-अरूणा शर्मा

29.11.2018. .. 10.14.

(All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma)

Who made those signals?

Who made those signals in my life.

The three signals are there n between them yellow is for only seeing as tit for tat like a hive.

World’s creater seems to me like a stranger guide.

I feel -he always to forced all hearts to suicide.

When I want to walk there comes the red signal as blinking,

When I wish not to walk then green signal comes as winking.

What HE wants from us is the typo of life.

Why there are no pink coloured signals to love in universe;

Does HE only want the face of heart as the sign of strife.

If I say yes then red signal and saying no then green signal,

I think that time and luck are made friends like mutual.

Oh, help me and remove all these obstacles,

Because my love is not for them because it has it’s own scandals.

And love them, live among them with many terrifying situations;

Nobody could come near to disturb for receiving my lovely destination.

My rose is not a mere simple rose blooming in a garden, dear!!

It is belonged to the Goddess Aphrodite’s wounded hand which blood mingled with Adonis’s white quartz,

After then both were converted in pink shade and blessed for love n pain forever afterwards.

Why is not that quartz on signal of path of time.;

For the breeze of love tangled on that door like windchim

Written by aruna sharma.



(All copy rights are reserved by aruna sharma)

Welcome sir!!

Aao huzoor tumko sitaaron mein le chalun
Dil jhoom jaaye aisi bahaaron mein le chalun

Hamraaz hamkhayaal to ho hamnazar bano
Tay hogaa zindagi kaa safar hamasafar bano
Chaahat ke ujale ujale nazaaron mein le chalun

Likh do kitaab dil pe koi aisi daastaan
Jiski misaal de naa sake saaton aasamaan
Baahon mein baahe daale hazaaron mein le chalun
Dil jhoom jaaye aisi bahaaron mein le chalun

आओ हुजूर तुम को, सितारों में ले चलू
दिल झूम जाए ऐसी, बहारों में ले चलू

हमराज, हमखयाल तो हो, हमनजर बनो
तय होगा जिन्दगी का सफ़र, हमसफ़र बनो
चाहत के उजाले उजाले, नजारों में ले चलू
दिल झूम जाए ऐसी, बहारों में ले चलू

लिख दो किताब-ए-दिल पे कोई ऐसी दास्ताँ
जिस की मिसाल दे ना सके सातो आसमान
बाहों में बाहे डाले, हजारों में ले चलू
दिल झूम जाए ऐसी, बहारों में ले चलू

Lyrics: Noor Devasi
Music: O.P. Nayyar


Welcome sir, let me take you among the stars.
Your heart shall sway, let me take you among flowers

You are my co-whisperer, co-thinker, now be my co-dreamer.
The journey of life will be easier if you become my co-traveler.
Let me take you to shining-sparkling panoramas of nature.

Jot down on book of heart such memoirs.
Which could never be matched in seven skies.
Walking arms in arms come let me lead you into my cluster.

Taken from Google.




It’s feeling like those two angels are innocent.

Who is unwilling for this typo wish.

I have come to you at midnight

For giving a kiss on your forehead as insight.

Have you ever felt after hearing unheard voices in your ears, then shiverning.

Plz open d door of your imagination’s mind and accept my unheard morning’s wishing.

Uff, dew on flower!! feel whatever a soul come to you

For giving the lovely wishes some more few.

Written by aruna sharma .

21.11.2018. 1.00pm.

(All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.

All images are taken from Google.)