A song on the name-Mirriam for” light the night”❤

(LYRICS- HINDI/ ENGLISH/ URDU) I have recompiled the video on my favorite couple Madhubala and Dilip Kumar fronm the clips of movie Amar- 1954. The original song was picturized on beautiful actress NIVEDITA in the movie Shagoon.

This beautiful and haunting song was created by Khayyam and his wife Jagjit Kaur sung in her inimitable voice. Khayyam sahab had said that even if Jagjit Kaur did not sing another song, this song would keep her alive for ever. Lyrics of this poignant song were written by Sahir Ludhianvi.

LYRICS- ENGLISH /URDU with Translation

तुम अपना रंज-ओ-ग़म अपनी परेशानी मुझे दे दो
तुम्हें ग़म की क़सम इस दिल की वीरानी मुझे दे दो
ये माना मैं किसी क़ाबिल नहीं हूं इन निगाहों में
बुरा क्या है अगर ये दुख ये हैरानी मुझे दे दो
तुम अपना रंज-ओ-ग़म…
मैं देखूं तो सही ये दुनिया तुम्हें कैसे सताती है
कोई दिन के लिये अपनी निगहबानी मुझे दे दो
तुम अपना रंज-ओ-ग़म…

वो दिल जो मैनें मांगा था मगर गैरों ने पाया था
बड़ी शै है मगर उसकी पशेमानी मुझे दे दो
तुम अपना रंज-ओ-ग़म

تم اپنا رنج و غم
Tum apna ranj-O-gham
(Give me all your sorrow and grief)
اپنی پریشانی مجھے دے دو
Apni pareshaani mujhey de do
(Give it to me your troubles)

تمہیں غم کی قسم
Tumhein gham kii kasam
(I swear on your worries)
اس کی ویرانی مجھے دے دو
Is dil ki viiraani mujhey de do
( pass on to me loneliness of your heart)

یہ مانا میں کسی قابل نہیں ان نگا ہوں میں
Yeh mana Main kisi qabil nahiN huN in nigahoN meiN
(I know I have no worth in your eyes)
برا کیا ہے اگر۔۔ یہ دکھ یہ حیرانی مجھے دے دو
Bura kya hai agar.. Ye dukh Ye heiraani mujhey de do
(It won’t be bad if you share with me your grief and anguish)

میں دیکھوں تو سہی ۔۔ دنیا تمہیں کیسے ستاتی ہے
Main deikhuN to sahii۔۔ duniya tumheiN kaisey satati hai
(Let me see how this world would tease you)
کویؑ دن کے لیے اپنی نگہبانی مجھے دے دو
Koi Din Ke Liye Apani Nigahbani Mujhe De Do
(for a few days, give yourself into my safekeeping)

وہ دل جو میں نے مانگا تھا مگر۔۔ غیروں نے پایا تھا
Woh dil jo MaiN ne manga thaa magar..ghairon ne paya tha
(the heart which I begged, but the some other got it)
بڑی شے ھے اگر ۔۔ اس کی پشیمانی مجھے دے دو
Badi shae hai agar.. us ki pashemani mujhe de do
(It would be a great gift for me if you could give its anxiety)

تم اپنا رنج و غم
Tum apna ranj o-gham……….

Jagjit Kaur : Born in an affluent Punjabi Zamindar family she must have had a number of wealthy suitors, but she chose a struggling musician Khayyam to marry. When you hear the songs the two created together, you feel the pairing must have been made in the heaven.


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