We met each other by doing conversation at an alone corner of street,

After that you whistled to attract my fleet,

I smiled but could not give attention on your acted flirt.

I had never tried to understand you.

You were most smart and attracting personality,woow.

But i had bounded with my own principles fortunately.

One side that was good luck for me because of safe to hurt my heart.

Other side that was my bad luck because of hurting your heart.

You could be a best life partner,but my prejudice never allowed me.

Still now i am standing at that old street corner,

Sometimes my heart cries-sigh…this silent word echoes everywhere.

And thinking-those all was happened fortunately or unfortunately?

Those all were written in my destiny’s dairy or done by me any error.?

Those golden memories blame to me to lost all,

But my soul’s love always says that was happened by chance and cure my heart at all.

Written by Aruna Sharma,31.07.2021.9.00AM.

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💕💕💕💖MY CHILDHOOD’S ONLY ONE LOVE OF MY LIFE-THIS SONG REMIND ME ALWAYS MY INNOCENT LOVE💕💕💕💕💖💖 I don’t know -where he is now but I can never forget my that first innocent love of childhood.only that love echoes in my mind and I become blue💙💙💙💙💙💙but feel always myself lucky because of that love which walks with me like my shadow💚💜💛💖

Enjoy always my dear all friends your own past golden memories.

The Gust Of Wind…..

Before some minutes of just now,

A cool gust of wind has pass away by caressing my whole existence.

My mind is forgeting all past memoreis of worst thoughts and tensions.

But thinking about the breeze from which place she has come to me and said hello,

Forced me to remind some special one-he,she,or any unknown person who walks always with me as silent shadow

That time i stood at my door since dusk time and prepared the dinner and rain drops was falling down step by step as row.

Oh dear breeze!!please come again to caress my whole thirsty soul because I want to shiver by your touching fingers on my cheeks.

And want too to feel you like a lost friend who has found else to me fortunately by my good luck to embellish my shattering dreams.

Wow,again i felt my own starry nights with my favourite lonely star as most shining in the sky of my imagination.

O,the gust of wind !! I will wait for you to come again for painting you on my canvas of heart as gift of love and want to make a treasure of my golden memories forever as immortal inspiration.

Is it not enough for living a happy life?my dear Mr.Individualism!!

Oh ,why i may ask you about true love who know only physical love,

And will never know about the beauty of reality of flying dove.

Because I have already sacrificed my own ego which was crying in flame of fake attraction.

And tangled my all misunderstandings at outside my home on a worldly tree of amour dried branches.

Oh.dear breeze!! Come , bring and give me back my all sanity,

And try to blow in so much fast speed for my soul to purify.

Written by Aruna Sharma.28.07.2021.;3:19AM