एक सपेरा,एक मदारी…..

बचपन से अब तक

एक सपेरा और एक मदारी

हरदम मेरी जिन्दगी में मौजूद रहे हैं ।

एक डराता आया है ,दूसरा नचा रहा है,

यूँ खेल डरावना चलता रहा है,चल रहा है।

कहाँ है मेरा खुदा और उसकी खुदाई,

क्या वो भी चुप तमाशा देख रहा है?

Copyright © 2022 Aruna Sharma
All rights reserved

25.06.2022 10.40PM

Shadow at day and night…..

You are you

And i àm your shadow

May be your temper become cool at sunset

With walking with you

That shadow becomes long and short

At night you ‘n me become the stars and glowing moon

Waiting for the next promise of the new dawn soon.



Nod your nake …

In yes or no…

Give me your response….

Whatever is between us

A untouched love as your shining eyes for me to cling

Like that lonely shining star on my sky for me to wink-wink

Don’t try to pretend to ignore

Because my soul lives nearby you to give news more

May be you stop your messenger to come here

But my soul is automatically presented there

Try to ask your sea shore or the palm

Coming breeze from there give me a touch of calm.

Copyright © 2022 Aruna Sharma
All rights reserved

With love,mi amour!!

25.06.2022 9.53PM