as cursed soul

i imsgine dt my soul is cursed,
i don’nt know why as empty pursed
blank n blañk my whole body is ended .
as dragons r for me rounded.
as soldier i’ve every moment faced.
as priest beĺieving u r my life handeld.
plz support me n u ever guided.
i can’t die coz i m not allowed.
ur permisson n ur allowding
xyz can not if they want not moved.
i had gone nearest n no want to comebacked.
coz u throw me bàck in disturbing world.
n i wanted to remain with guy humbled n dumbled;
they kicked many timed kicked.
those gueis we’r made by  god.
why did u my life so disturbed n cursed.
now u have to do like still now did ,
here n there do as u always liked.
oh plz guide me i’m in darkness n drownd.

plz guide me n my soul disturbed.
i know u only u r mere able all handleld.

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