From Darkness to Darkness !!

Lost Myself In Search Of You !!

Had a long relation with darkness…
   So long that I have become used to it.
People around me rarely understood it, rather I have never expressed myself to that extent that they can understand ….

I was alive, respiring properly, but full of disgust…. Got bored living my life in bits & pieces, with only one question in my mind, why should my heart endure so much pain? Why should it remain devoid of self love ?

Before I was about to take some radical steps, I met someone; someone who showed me the path of light and happiness, she took me out of my darkness within a few months with her pure soul and serene presence…

The fragrance of her body is still alive in my breaths, the sound of her giggling still resides in the lane of my memories…. The peace and calmness of mind I got…

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