Save me….

My dear Angel!!

I am having a hard time

Plz become my forever wind chime.

Oh, those fuhharers behave n I tangle having unbased.

What is my fault- beloging to love for an innocent thing of this world.

Plz come to me so I could tell them-NAIN NAIN.

Before a long time, a holocast happend by them.

Now, I am facing that holocast in my lovely heart coz of damn .

I wanna save my little flying doves of my surroundings.

Plz live with me n give me strength like in my life you may rounding.

As God’s blessings and my pleading are calling you.

Come down to earth for bitterly hurted hearts are expecting which can be saved by you.

Purify the sky of love’s imagination and ground for landing;

Think- how can save the world of affection without you attempting.

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