A tale of Narcissus (Nargis)

It is associated with a Greek myth: Narcissus was walking in the woods one day when he came by a pond that had water clear as crystal. No one ever came by to disturb these peaceful waters. Narcissus bent down to take a drink from the pond and saw his own reflection looking back at him. He became mesmerized by it. He sat staring into his beautiful face. He bent down to kiss the image. As soon as he touched it, it fled from him. Narcissus was happy just to sit by the pond to stare at his own reflection, which he believed to be a mysterious stranger. Narcissus pined away by the pond and finally died there. In the exact same spot that Narcissus had sat, a beautiful flower sprang up that we call Narcissus.(Nargis).

Nargis was a popular, fashionable name for girls. In Indian films the beauty and charm of heroines is likened to the Nargis. It is a poetic metaphor for the eye because it is shaped like a cup and gets filled with dew. A popular lyric goes Kisi Nargisi Nazar ko Dil Denge Hum, (I will one day lose my heart to one whose gaze is like the Nargis). The incomparable Indian actress Nargis Dutt reigned on the silver screen and her grace and charm is still remembered.

It is a poet’s flower and is known as Narcissus Poeticus (Poet’s Daffodil). It was one of the first daffodils cultivated in the second century BC near the Mediterranean Sea. Narcissus oil is much sought-after and is an essential ingredient in French perfumes such as Fatale and Samsara.

Many odes are penned to this flower. Meenakhshi Khosla writes:

“Those little flowers with immense serenity in them, the white embodiment, the lemon yellow soul that just glances out to see the world… a delicate plant as delicate as a beating heart. They gently sway with every passing breeze, along with them comes the pleasure unfounded.”

Robert Herrick says:

“Fair daffodils, we weep to see

You haste away so soon;

As yet the early-rising sun

Has not attained his noon.”

Iqbal immortalized the flower in this poignant verse:

Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benuri Pe Roti Hai

Bari Mushkil Se Hota He Chaman Mein Deeda-var Paida

‘The Narcissus cries for millennia over its blindness

Only after great travails is someone with sight born in the garden’

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Those portraits which are made by me, are questioning -where are you….?

Oh my dearest portraits!!

Are you searching me?

Plz , now left me alone,

Because i am busy in searching my  lee.

After a long time you are reminding me,

Of my those days which were the lonely corners of my room;

Where I weaved my love’s dream on my eyelid’s loom.

After made by that, preparing soft pillows and had my head upon them,

I took the sweet sleep with my sweet lovely dream as feeling Nile’s dam.

Where in my dream, Cleopatra came to meet me telling her love story.

Where any Narcissus a Prince had come to me to show his beauty.

I was attracted to him but he was disappeared .

And had made a flower in farest unknown wood.

After some waiting ,I am in waiting forever like hanging moon on the hood. 

No, I have no complaint of my lovely past because they are my vulnerable moments of my living.

Still now I often feel that Prince Narcissus of my dream is in woods for me in waiting.

Written by aruna sharma.

4.12.2017.                11.oopm

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma

(Narcissus is called Nargis in Urdu. It is said -narcissus was cursed by the Goddess of love and converted into a flower at farest woods.)

Mere nazmon ki kitaab….

Meri nazmon ki kitaab!! jara mujhe muaff kar;

Bahut afsoos he- ki tujhe mein bhool gaya.

Duniya ke chakkar ka hawala nahi dena mujhe-vo to yuhi hardam saath chalte hein mere;

Vahi to ek sabab he tujhe yaad karne ka goya nazmon ki barsaat karne ka,

kasoor mera-aakhir tujhe bhool gaya.

Gardishon me jab dil haara sa hota he,

Tab har dil khuda ko yaad karta he;

Aur mujh sa ajeeb fakhta tere pannon se ,

Gam se door khule aasmaan me udaan bharta he.

Jo khuda ko yaad karte hein,karein-

Unpe koi pabandi nahi;

Tujhme hi mera khuda,Ram,Isaa-Moosa;

Tujhe bhoolke kiya,he to gustaakhi hi.

Ohh ,lamha lmha jala he dil mera;.

Tujhse door rahke jaise shamma sa,

Vo  tujhse door rahna bana ashq-e-naqsh mera.

Kuraan ,Geeta,bible kya- us se bhi unchi;

Teri ibaadat he mere har jakhm ki dawaa.

Vo phool saare bisri yaadon ke,

tujhme hi paiband hein,meri dilrooba!!

Aaj tujhe gale lagaa ke aaya he bahut chain,meri jaan!!

Bus itani iltiza he tujhse meri,insaan hun,

Bhool jaaun to de dena ek awaaz,meri mehrbaan!!

Kyonki tujhse vabasta har shaiy me faqat me hi nahi,saari qaynaat ka pyaar he chipa.

Saara intezaar he chipa;is kadar ki meri khud ki hasti hi ho gayi gumshuda.

Written by aruna sharma.

1.12.2017.                          11.02am

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

Images are taken by goole.