The smiling red rose of my heart…..

It is Red Rose inside my heart,ever smiling inside me and inspires me to smile.

One day my special one had gifted me a cute red pen by which my all phase of life is formed like garden of roses that blossomed in every mile .

May be you knew about my lonlieness, so that pen is walking continuously on pages of my heart’s dairy so much fragile.

How much I feel that I am lucky because of having a feeling of protection directly or indirectly in arms of your memory that is for my safety by your eye’s thornes for tensile.

You met me someday and that someday seems like a very old day and night ever shaded like in sky wandering clouds for giving calm and cool touch needed while.

No needed by me now any flower of rose on Valentine because a Saint of Amour had sent me blessed Red Rose from heaven with beautiful massage like drowning in river of nectar ever-flowing situated there’s Nile.

Written by aruna sharma.

13.02.2019. 11.30pm

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The curve of life….

What should i do,when a curve come on the road of my life.

My heart is so much stubborn at my favourite place for anybody to like.

Here a lonely star rises up on my own sky daily,

And rounds at my home with other stars like a rally.

It is a symbol of my sweet memories and to my special friend,

I could not get my lost love and my all efforts are to end.

I think that lonely star is my guide,and to say for not trying.

Why need to depress,i have wide sky for forever flying.

Amour is a immortal word in this world,

If you have pure soul for which you for cared.

Yeah.that lonely star shows me always right path in darkness,

That is become as echo of my Amour and always gives to my nostalgic heart smiling happiness.

Like in the rainy days, every drop into his poetic glass is like intoxicated,

Oh ,what is this relation for me with his verses which are in my wounded heart ever for healed.

How can i say him thanks because he is flowing in my veins.

My blood’s colour is red inside me coz of his smiling red rose.

I am still alive because he gives me daily inspired dose.

Like “forgets me nots “at edge of Danube for my heart standing there from ancient time.

Hey my lonely star!! you are like in my own world’s wind chime.

Never never my dear!! My lost Amour is past and you are presented for me to bind.

Because you are only special friend who stopped me ever to go on road as blind.

From you, i have learnt how i could all darkness to most enlighten,

How i could create with tragic things as awesome stage for dance steps bell to entertain.

Yeah you are blessed soul for me,dear!!and i am your priest.

Whoever you are for me,my lonely friend!!but wonderful inspiration for my hear to tweet.

Now my nostalgia smiles in my loneliness coz of you,

My empty canvas has the colourful rainbow now not for blue.

How much you are kind hearted because only you have cleansed with your amazing bubbles all dirts in my imaginative river.

Obliging me so much to me such unknown by your verses’s shower.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

10.02.2019. 11.01pm

All copyrights are reserved by aruna sharma.

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Hola๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„season of spring has started.we are celebrating it in our way.Happy Basant Panchmi,My All Dear Friends.May Goddess Sarswati blesses my all dear students.

Sent by aruna sharma.10.02.2019

Your nostalgia and your muse…..

You are so much nostalgic and far from your muse,

If you will, please, hurry up to show her, how much your heart beats.

If you have to come closer to her then why are you being nostalgic?

You know this nostalgia is a tale of happening event tragic.

First, you complain about your loneliness,

On other hand, you wait for your amazing muse.

Your nostalgia is for opened doors and windows for fresh air to breeze,

My nostalgia is reserved by my nature living behind the curtains of circumtances as being freeze.

You are more lucky than me, dear!!

For you are like having pure and blessed soul.

And habitual to take every event like the LOL.

Because you know the music of life much more.

My dear friend dew!! Plz be conscious and see that the beautiful Girl is waiting as a statue,

For whom your pillow calls every time like Angel dew.

Your amazing pen in your fingers gives always surprise,

For that Girl these are like dancing with the music of heart on published page,

Warmth of your poetic calling has been the crush of everyone,

But written as if for some special one.

Your weary heart should be fresh like a red rose,

By your intoxicating verse, to prefer her and to propose.

Never feel any guilty inside the room of amour,

Because love of your pure soul had never sinned and do not ask for more.

I believe on my words because these are the blessing that showered.

Written by Aruna Sharma.


2.41at midnight.

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