You are not enough for the life…

I want many more white peacocks as dancing,

I want also many colourful peacocks for enchanting,

I want to sing the songs for my heart for entertaining,

Because here,Rainy days have come to make me happy,

Many plants of love are deeply rooted having the touch of greenery.

I am wearing the gown of raindrops,mi amour!!

Don’t try to touch me,cause it will burn you by spiritual fire as thunderbolt ,

No body dares to come in my imagination world of amour’s existence which is sharpen my nature by light bolt,

And walking on edge of sword of words,could be murderer of all hampers,

Oh.don’t disturb me,you are not only enough for my life’s written wampers.

I have travelled from A to Z destinations as an amazing tour of imaginations,

And calculated all are indulged in a little company to time pass,but my soul wants to live far from fake existences.

Far from all expectations,Let me live alone in lap of nature as Rapunzel,

The universe is my stage to dance freely in rainy days like a prom night as heavenly raindrop’s voice guides my feet’s up and down with an Angel,

For proper justice ,you can never be a divine Daniel .

As court of Nebuchadnezzar was famous by Daniel from many centuries,

You can not be a little part of those glorious stories.

No enough your presence here,every rain drop says.

Like some rainy days is famous for making soft and purify soul as heaven prays.

.written by Aruna Sharma.20.07.2021;1.05AM

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