Life is most beautiful like the flower?

A most beautiful girl sings a beautiful song with wandering a garden ,that is natural.

Why the thugs come there to chase her and take her forceful far away to spoil her and left her back for all life to wail.

All flowers are only to pick up and vanish or shatter in this world

Here is only silent mourning with cursing word

What is this ?

Why is this?

How is this?

Praise for which beauty?

All beauties are only for betrayal,what are you think?

The word of love is a fake and limited for physical satisfication’s thing.

Then I think –exictence of God is doubtful,yes or no ,please say something. much soft and smooth on the edge of life’s river or everywhere.

If I may be authorized on those flowers,save them always and try to help with blade blind all evil eyes of the kidnapper forever.

Witten by Aruna Sharma.10.07.2021;12;48AM


11 thoughts on “Life is most beautiful like the flower?

  1. I have read your site with full attention and call you according as your instruction and on your mobile no…
    ..but you are not attending my call.


  2. I had received your two you told me instruction and performa for publishing my book;i could not get any new news about you. What should i do? Plz reply.


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