A cellar dewller-OUR DEAR REDPATH

My dear Redpath!!spirituality is truth.if you don’t believe in religion but it is sure An Almighty power is controls all universe.may be you are not agree or not.different religion’s and many types of Gods .but i believe only in a religion-Religion of human’s love who is live in this world.for me there is love where is Heaven.There is only feeling of hatred that is hell.

Here your amazing video post which are the things of thought😘

My Gypsy soul!! Why did you not explore me….

Why did not you explore me in your outer and inner side?

Were you thinking me nighter outer side nor inner side of world?

After most waiting for you,i have become a gypsy who has not any destination.

Like a day dreamer and nostalagic,I have lost my own recognition.

Don’t worry for me,i am not dead but become a monk in Himalaya.

World is so much selfish,so I forget my own existence for enchantiya.

Do you love me then i will return back because I am not the name of passing time but keep my self in you rack .

You never know- drew has made me like a foolish pigeon and try to eat me by cooking buck.

I am blessing you with my heart because in this Panademic era, you have come suddenly to give me relax.

So much thanks with love and tight hugs because i see in you my reflection,

Before your going why not i decorate you in my soul as image of you by the wax.

Written by Aruna Sharma;14.05.2021;11.54.am

I have become intoxicated..

I live always intoxicated without the glass of wine,

People asks me -where is your conciensness,

I say -in my pocket,if you need take it out from my pockets if you need a knife ,

Because i want to live in thiiiiiis way all my life.


Arre yaar!!in this selfish world ,what will i do if i come in conceisness?

Nothing,my SPECIAL ONE is nostalgic,


I am not responsible for that.

Betrayals of all his loves became him nostalgic by chasing all beautiful wine’s faces.

Beautiful combination of my intoxication and his nostalagic,

May be alive forever because every thing seems so lovely in this universe like a crazy zigzag.

And both hearts are far behind from each other to never meet,

I have no hope from him because his tongue has locked.

And i have become for him always blocked.

Then tell me what benefits in living in conciecness,

Please,take all my consciousness and fill all intoxicated solitude in my pocket for my happiness.


Written by Aruna Sharma;14.05.2021;10.17.

My Heart’s Resolve,If I Wish…..

   “ai jazba-e-dil gar main chahun, har cheez muqabil aa jae”-
by Behzad Lakhnavi-
ai jazba-e-dil gar maiñ chāhūñ har chiiz muqābil aa jaa.e
manzil ke liye do gaam chalūñ aur sāmne manzil aa jaa.e🌹
My heart’s resolve if I so wish, all will be so near and clear
I take two steps toward my goal, and straight ahead it would appear🌹
ai dil kī ḳhalish chal yūñhī sahī chaltā to huuñ un kī mahfil meñ
us vaqt mujhe chauñkā denā jab rañg pe mahfil aa jaa.e🌹
O heartache, come, I do agree, to go and join her company
there rouse me from my reverie, when it befits the atmosphere🌹
ai rahbar-e-kāmil chalne ko tayyār to huuñ par yaad rahe
us vaqt mujhe bhaTkā denā jab sāmne manzil aa jaaye🌹
I’m set to venture forth mine guide, but by this you must abide
from the path turn me aside, when the journey’s end is near🌹
haañ yaad mujhe tum kar lenā āvāz mujhe tum de lenā
is rāh-e-mohabbat meñ koī darpesh jo mushkil aa jaa.e🌹
yes, you may think of me and be, at liberty, call out for me
if in these paths of love you see anything that makes you fear🌹
ab kyuuñ DhūñDūñ vo chashm-e-karam hone de sitam bālā-e-sitam
maiñ chāhtā huuñ ai jazba-e-ġham mushkil pas-e-mushkil aa jaa.e🌹
why should I seek her kindness say, let her tortures pile away
O grief for what I now do pray, is troubles even more severe🌹
is jazba-e-dil ke baare meñ ik mashvara tum se letā huuñ
us vaqt mujhe kyā lāzim hai jab tujh pe mirā dil aa jaa.e🌹
This counsel I do seek from you, about my inner feelings true🌹
What is it that I should do, when I am smitten by you dear🌹
ai barq-e-tajallī kauñdh zarā kyā tū ne mujh ko bhī muusā samjhā hai
maiñ tuur nahīñ jo jal jā.ūñ jo chāhe muqābil aa jaa.e🌹
O brilliant lightning tell me do you think me to be Moses too
no matter what it may come to, I am not Tuur to burn or sear🌹

The Last shair-
aatā hai jo tūfāñ aane do kashtī kā ḳhudā ḳhud hāfiz hai
mumkin to nahīñ in maujoñ meñ bahtā huā sāhil aa jaa.e🌹
Storm does not scare me; because, the Lord  Himself is my Protector
I know,  that it is not possible for the shore to float on the waves and come !

Today and Tonight..

Today is mine now

Tonight is for dew in my raw

He is careless monk

Not worry of thing for him

But i have bought all love for human

How can I become careless

I have to wake up twenty four hours

For looking after the for all human races

And he ……is for sigh that’s is become echoes

Good for me to beware.

Right.he is love’s dew

In which i get some few.

Oh.It is said by my lonely star from my sky of imaginations,

Yeah.it is only my lord’s message

Which would send by me all destinations.


Written by aruna sharma.10.5.2021.2.11AM

खुली-खुली सी धूप….

आज मैंने अपने कमरे के सब दरवाजे-खिड़कियाँ खोल दी हैं,

उगते सूरज की किरणों को अन्दर आने की अनुमति दे दी है।

कि कमरा ताजी हवा धूप संग तरोताजा हो जाये,और हर तरह की म़ायूसी यहाँ से दफ़ा हो जाये।

अरे,मेरी उम्मीदों को हरा भरा करना है अंधेरों से दूर रख कर,अंधेरे सब रात के नाम ही रहे,

मेरे ज़ान से प्यारे जब घर आयें,तो उनके ऱूख पे निखार-ए-तब्बसुम आये,तारीकियाँ रात के नाम ही रहे।

हर रंग जज़्बातों के निखर जायेंगे दिल के जब दिल का मैल धूप में पिघल कर बह जायेगा,

जिस क़हर से दुनिया डरी हुई है,वो डर भी धूप में जल ख़ाक बन जायेगा।

मैं पागल थी जो बन्द कमरे में रह कर तन्हा शब-ए-इश्क के ख्यालों में खोई रहती थी,

सारी इंसानियत रोती थी दिन में भी अंधेरे महसूस कर के,भगवाओं की दुआ शाप सी लगती थी।

आज पहली द़फा महसूस हुआ कि सूरज भी कितना सुन्दर है रात के चाँद से ज्यादा, कूव़्वत जैसे खुदा का ज़लाल,

हाँ,आज सभी इंसानियत की खातिर बुनूंगी किरणों से इक हार,पहना के दुनिया को मिटा दूंगी उसके चेहरे का मलाल।

रात तो आयेगी चाहे चाँद निकले या ना निकले पर दिन भी रोज निकलता है लेके सूरज की किरणें साथ,

आज से रोज अब चलूंगी ख़ुदा की इब़ादत बनके हर डर के क़हर को मिटा खूबसूरत क़ायनात बनाने पकड़ सूरज का हाथ।

Written by Aruna Sharma.09.05.2021