The brightened shadow walks with me…

From childhood to still now

I have been always felt a divine shadow.

Then why i feel in my heart so much depressed loneliness and sorrow.




My dear heart!! You are not alone,

My heart is pure and insane.

Beçause of having a lot of love for human’s world,

I care to all them and my shadow looks after me and my family’s world.

So why i see often in them many angels fairies as danced,

So i have all humans like angels as scared.

Not for any special one but for all doors of my heart are always opened,

No body knows that shadow who walks with me every moment,

Not my own shadow,that is my holy God who supports me in my life’s every moment.

May be i lament or happy ,sucked my tears by Him and try to laugh me,lives with me every time,

And i hear always His ringing bells of all holy places and sing with them as my own time.

Written by Aruna Sharma;26.05.2021;12:41AM

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