Where is my heart…..❤

Where is my heart,my dear!!

I was having it on my chest for taking the breeze;

What is happened to my heart,

It has flown away left me as freeze.

Where i search it without any lovely imagination,all is gone with my heart,

Now i feel how to live having nothing feelings,oh anybody tried to cosnpiracy against me to hurt.

My curse spoil him who is unknown to me,

But my love will search my heart,i believe on love in me.

Which lives inside me and always covered by it’s shadow like God’s blessing,

My whole existence is made with love by God’s was ordering.

All Angels are bring me down at earth with love,

Now i think how my heart lives without love’s dove.

Any craftsman has done a spill out a cast,

And converted my heart as a kite.

That is tangled on a high branch of a huge tree,

Oh.don’t worry my love about your home because i can able to free that kite and change it for you to free fly.

By luring,by betrayal nobody can have right on my heart,

Because i am most strong for evil things to vanish and forcing to that run away.

Now my heart is near to me as bowing it’s head but i love that, so handling that and keep it inside me for other’s sight away.

Now that is playing with my love and dance,

No,now i give never other to take it any chance.

Written by Aruna Sharma.24.05.2021;2.30 at mid night.

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