Amazing Struggle Among Diaries and Pens….

I see now a days a strange scene in my disturbing dreams;

What happening is among  diaries and pen in relationships.

What those all are proving their priorities on each other

And fighting to shatter.

Those all will be unite without any lovely efforts,I am in doubt,

Mostly are gone in tweeting’s woods
There I can not see sight of any existences.

Some body has created his /her private blogvilla,

Now how i would see any dance of ballerina.

Oh so much i am most emotional that should be not.

Let me learn the benefits in all friendship a little bit or a lot.

That was my soul who is saying to me
And advising me to see –

Including among all others -many  have run away to unknown places
Or disappeared on my site’s horizon

As Sun has sat down as being depressed forever in the ocean.

All palms has dead like my Chinaars
Oh, those will not become green

All roses has lost their pinkish colour with different colourful butterfly

My love’s movie ended tearful on the screen and my pillow has become wet,

Suddenly night is ended and Sun is rising with new hope

My heart thinking in new way as my soul advised me

Let them go if they want and who are faithful to you, will come back to me.

I saw in dream whatever was nightmare

But I will have to wait and hope because my pen ignores to write on dairy about amour mine,

In my heart’s womb has many love’s cubs to bear pain,so forget all I drowned my pen in bottle of wine.

Written by aruna Sharma.03.04.2021 at midnight.

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