Often Or Eventually……..

Eventually,you want to go in woods of Twitter
And  lost away always from my path.
I had to think you had to take birth only for spreading the love in the universal rath.
Oh no,my dear dew!! You  were not a prophet and had to convert yourself in heavy rainfall
In which your feelings lost in blowing water going aimless to unknown rivers at all
If you want to live far from memories of  my imagination,
You are free from my all promises
Which are often to break as it happens often in this condition.
My unseen friend!! I never saw you
So I gave you a wonderful name the betrayal wanderer,
With rising Sun dry all dew and convert to evaporate for making rainfall to become a thunder.
May be those are fallen on earth or flowing with wind far away.
Both situations are liked by me for being to happy often,                                 Occasionally ,in this world everything is to happen.
Here no need by anybody for surprised because it  happens often.
Your travel’s ending for more and more only beautify yourself by decorating with framed beautiful smiles with red lipstick on the life’s walls.
It is not a surprising thing
Often all men want to dare for going at opposite side,
As my dear friend is going to satisfy his thirst to mountain not to ponds.
And try to prove spacial one without writing any amazing verses but chasing other blondes and says often but… but… but…..
What is in this but
What is in little hut
What is in hammock
Only dried leaves of palm laugh and make a mock
Go my dear where you want to go towards  rock
I think-it happens already and often with all
Because he is not a God only a human
So all efforts are for him enough to become habitual.
My lovely sun set has hidden beyond the horizon because of being old forever,
Now, old is old not is gold,this concept had disappeared forever.

Written by Aruna Sharma.10.04.2021;2.11AM.


Often.all is possible,
If anyone want to will.

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