Those stars…

Happy makar snkrati(kite festival) is over.

So much noisey voice like melodious on roof,street seemed like a concerto that is over.

Now night comes and nobody out of home.

Silence calls me and says-here is not any guy to loot your kite.

I say my friend-come on and fly the kite .

He smiles and ready to go some with the thread to bite.

We both will fly many kites high,higher and highest in sky,

For gathering many stars which attract us with love by twinkling.

Oh so much stars,may be we pick up then we will keep under our room’s ceiling and those will shine as blinking,wow.

Those stars will sing the lullabeis when we are in about of take the sleep,those will smiling by winking.

Because of those will be naughty then.we both have to force a sleep taking .

Under our those will be us in blankets to remove the darkness.

All night they will enlighten our eyelids till dawn the nightmare to vanish.

What a wonderful imaginations.

Say my dear,it is really a positive impression.😊😊😄😄😄❤❤❤

Written by Aruna Sharma.15.01.2021

2 comentarios en “Those stars…

  1. Dear Shehannemoore!! A lot of thanks.really i like very much starry night. I think in day time we all are stars and convert in night’s star in our imagination.sending you love from India.

    Me gusta

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