If i stay here…⚘⚘🌴🌴⚘⚘

You will never know what is the pain,

Sitting on my imagination’s train.

Whatever you saw still now,forget all past,

For smelling the fragrant love’s flowers,

We both will create for staying forever our lovely Rome,

There i will embrace you with tight arms and suck your pains by kissing your red sky slowly slowly.

Breeze will dance among the palmtrees,

Hammock will convert into the sailing boat as going to horizon,

At sunset time we both will go to red sun for melting in each other’s thirsty souls slowly slowly.

If i stay here with you,mi amour,

There you will see all miracles in your ocean with ebby and tidy ways by feeling your pinkish minty exhaling breathe siping by inhaling my thirsty soul with way of heartily heartily.

If i stay here………. 🌹🌴🌹

Written by Aruna Sharma.22.12.2020


All images are taken from Google.

(My dear friend!!I have written the poem on your title.how is it?)

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