How much love in which way…..

My dear friend!!please tell me,

How much and in which way I offer my love to you,

You are a young man,I want the permission of you.

You have longings so many love of beautiful fairy.

But I want to love you like a kid plz don’t say sid.

Here is most cold season and foggy day.

So much that flowing blood is freezed by the way.

To night I see the lonely star is shivering in the cold.

One day you wrote”my pillow calls you”,having mood bold.

Now I request you come to me like a innocent child,

And I have to lull you in my blanket tightly with armed .

Love has no limitation so no question here for which way.

No question for how because the love is only love having eternal flaming ray.

Can you give answer me it is question of my soul’s as say.

Like a mom with her kid like twisting by stroking all wounds and caresses way.

I fear you will lost in foggy night,

If you come to me that is right.

Please,tell me not or right,

In these foggy and coldest night.

Written by Aruna Sharma.16.12.2020
All images are taken from Google.

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