Your eyes,my dear friend dew……..

Your innocent demanding eyes whatever,i know very well.

I love those eyes as book of lovestory which you could never say.

Buy my soul read that from early age with cheerful way.

So much far away,you were but my soul is still now in embracing way.

Your all pain i have been drunk like Radha ,may be she lived at distance far away.

Now you have come in your little hut,every breeze are knocking on your door.

That breeze of your ocean has been my soul’s affection like hoor.( Angel)

That hoor’s everlasting wish was to embrace you.

Can you believe on her wish for you

who wants to give you a sip of love taken from eternal kissed cattle

And wants to sleep by rubbing gently your hair with soft fingers

And sleeping you in her laps for avoiding from insomniacs battle.

Written by Aruna Sharma.27.11.2020

All images are taken from Google.

17 thoughts on “Your eyes,my dear friend dew……..

  1. Sadly it’s happening like this which shouldn’t be. People who seek god and stay away from worldly comforts are far away from these kind of experiences. Truth is very different to them.


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