Rose and Chinaar…

A hidden sparrow in my heart is  consoling my broken heart,
By singing on guitar to make me happy when i feeling most to hurt.
What has happened if i am lost in memory of  the cool shade of chinar.
What has happened if i could not reach to you,
May be your sweet home so much far.

If by chance i separate from you;
Please never forget me as left me alone and panic.
Here i am suffering from many difficulties and missing you.
Because of this cruel pandemic
This time,i can not meet you.
My roses in my home have to bloom or wither but fragrant forever,
And give me inspiration to sing for  all over.

In my Kashmir,my chinar’s leaeve are changing in red colour.
I love both very much by my soul,for living with love better.
Hope those withering roses,will bloom at the just time again.
And my chinaar will wither in winter for some time to gain.
When i will meet you at next year
Then you say me-welcome,yaar with only one leaf of the chinaar.
It is sure that next year will be having good hope and like to be cheer.
I know-you have called me many times and missed me,
You did never thought-here i had faced in my heart as without any imagination felt my heart empty.
Likewise all garden might be without different coloured flowers.
Here my love will care my all roses in all seasons,
But please wait for me and take your best care of my love’s reason.
Written by Aruna Sharma.12.10.2020

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Space (75 words)

Space   (75 words)

Commeted on “Space”written by The Lonely Author and sent on twittter-Most beuaitiful using the metaphor like diamond in space of your heart’s universe.oh so much painful heart touching,dear dew!!🌹

The Lonely Author

Space (75 words)

Emergency lights flickered. Astronaut Jack Archer stared out the cracked window to find a yellow pin prick of light against the black velvet universe.

He knew the risks when he volunteered, he didn’t care.

Pluto couldn’t be any colder or more desolate than living on Earth without his late wife.

He clipped her photo to the dashboard. Her face would deliver everlasting peace. He didn’t need anything more.

Humming engines died.

Darkness engulfed the spaceship.

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द़िल का मामला बहुत ऩाजुक है,ज़नाब!!पर फ़िक्र ना कर….

द़िल का मामला बहुत ऩाजुक है,ज़नाब,

इसलिये ख़ुदा ने बन्दों के सीने में इक पिंजरे में बन्द कर रखा है।

आईने से भी ऩाजुक है,पर हर रिश़्तों ने हाथ में पत्थर छिपा रखा है।

ओह नहीं,अकेले तो रहिये नहीं,द़िल की ज़िद ने म़हफिल में जाने को आदत बना रखा है।

गुफ़्तगू के बगैर ज़िन्दगी बेज़ार सी,पर दोस्तों ने इक़रार का ब़ाजार सजा रखा है।

क़ीमत की तराज़ू में तुलते हैं यहाँ जज़्बात,अज़ीब क़रोबार बना रखा है।

कोई ज़ख्म दिल पे ना लेना कि हर ठोकर ख़ुदा ने द़िल की म़ालिश के लिये तैयार रखा है।

ज़ख्मों की गठरी दिल पे मत रखना,क्यों कि ज़िस्म के दरव़ाजे खटखटाने को ऩासूर तैयार खड़ा है।

मत ले बोझ किसी ज़हर बुझे लफ़्जों का कि ये दुनिया है जिसने जुब़ानी क़त्ल का उस़ूल बना रखा है।

जब जाओ किसी म़हफ़िल में,साथ द़िल में ख़ुदा को रखना,ना जाने कौन सा ल़म्हा पत्थर का बना रखा है।

परेशाँ ना हो ग़र ज़ुबाँ पे नाम-ए-ख़ुदा है,इसी ख़ातिर उसने द़िल को म़जबूत पिंजरे में म़हफूज रखा है।

इस पिंजरे का द़रवाजा खुला ही रहता है,ग़र तूने कोई म़हबूब बना रखा है।

उड़ान की ख़ातिर खुला आसम़ान,चैन भरी सब़ा,हर खूब़सूरती है जो ख़ुदा ने सारा इंतजाम कर रखा है।

फ़िक्र ना कर, ग़र मौज़ में आये,ख़ुदा के नाम पे जिन्दगी के मजें लूट कि हर ज़ख्म के इलाज का सामान रखा है।

हाँ,हर प़ाक द़िल के दर्द की दव़ा दुआ-ए-ख़ुदा के शफ़ाखाने के असब़ाब में रखा है।

Written by Aruna Sharma.4.10.2020


Is My Duty of waiting For You Over,Dear Dew…..

MostWelcome with my warmth heart,my dew!!in your palms woods there your hammock is gazing you,

Your beautiful balcony is surprised and arranging the sunset for you.

Saying like your innocent smile ,my happy roses as smile a just few because from many centuries

Those all are waiting for you many time,

Your arrival  has converted as few hours that centuriy  by entering at your little hut as a innocent kid as you were,became wind chime.

And my calculus sight of my soul now is giggling among in your palm trees,

And climate of your little hut is filling with many birds chirpir in melodious rhymes.

Oh .my half part of soul!! Now the day and night on your window are singing your all verses,
The universal beauty is preparing by natural make up for you because receives.

Like many bells of your tiny church are reading the psalms for your safe coming back,

Moon and you sunset at beach are dancing  with tide and ebb again slack.

All waves of dearest ocean are eager to touch your feet,

Most welcome,my dear friend!! Now those conversations in constellation light with the lonely star have to repeat.
True whatever you said a line of your gypsy friend-oceans apart,only thoughts away,
Now my mind-cum-heart is fully agree with you and  my exictence feels to sway.

Written by Aruna Sharma.03.10.2020

All images are related my friend’s posts as he allowed me.🌹🌴🌹