For special someone……

If you become a part of my tears,
I would have drunk all dew of pain and absorbed inside me.
If you would remain before my eyes,your existence would have melted into me.
If you left a window without any candle, then I will wait for your coming back.
For enlightening one candle on that window ,
But Alas,that was not in my luck. 

Because you had already enlightened every empty place .
My complaint is meaningless having no space.
  I have passed the long time as in
  Mouth with a bitter taste chewing
  But I have to say you welcome,
   I can never forget you if you ignore  
   Me because no value left for me,
   But  your memory in my life is a
   Milestone for me. 🌹

Written by Aruna Sharma.31.10.2020;

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