My love is only love….🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

My love is beyond of understanding,
You could never understand.
No physical attraction in my love,
Because it is poison’s bottle for it’s end.
It is not daughter of grapes in red gown dancing on dance floor,
Who is luscious for all guys who has misguided and sip it with cheer.
Do you feel any time a spiritual feeling in your heart?
My love is ,thus,for all humanity having a touch of spirituality not to hurt.
My love is just silent with having deep meaning.
Talking by eyes and smiling on lip and  make the forehead as brightening.
Please don’t touch my love otherwise it will be disappeared. 
So much smooth and pure like the soul is into blessed covered.
If you dare to receive my love ,before come to me, think many times for imprisoned.
Oh that time,you feel most light in heart like a glowing moon,
Or feel the horizon near your heart,if you want,plz hurry up soon.
The sunset and dawn will always smile like everlasting friend,
Because no insanity or any longing will remain  but froth and  say  adieu to your disturbed mind.
No noise,no tears but only peace in heart to live like waves of ocean,
Which every drop or ebb-tide will be mirror of pure silent love by flowing towards the horizon.
Do you prepare come with me?
Plz, say -yes or no.
Perhaps i am only enough for me.

Written by Aruna Sharma.29.10.2020
11:30 PM.
Images are taken from Google.

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