If your pain,i want,dear dew🌴🌴🌴

It is only option for removing your pain
It should be converted into blood and run in my vein
Dear dew!! don’t worry for me because i have habitual being gee
You and your lonely heart are only for enjoyment
Your love for life is only hip hop as entertainment
I have done everything for your attractive arrangement

Look at this Hip Hop dance as you be   in your younger days

Only for a bottle of Johny Walker to win,your legs were eager to stage plays

Oh dew!! Please don’t feel bored and puzzled

Because i think it is right for your strength again built

May be you don’t  like these graceful   dance

I don’t take care of you like a nurse
It is my duty to give you all happiness.

Wrtten by Aruna Sharma.28.09.2020;2:11AM

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