Never thought..

In my ocean of heart,

Many lyrics of some songs sung by my heart in love like the flowing waves.

My diary of all songs are drowned in depth of ocean hidden in unknown underwater caves.

Every tide and ebb are showing the reflection of my emotion’s vibes.

Sometime those go up at beach sometime go down as free for it’s own likes.

I want to go alone in my boat in my ocean,only horizon is seen by me without any beaches.

Sailing by wind,waving with waves up and down,i want to see the secret of all myths related its.

Because i want to go alone on my lonely boat to meet my immortal beloved.

Try to tell me as whispering like scary and mysterious story even though untold.

I am waiting for a mermaid ,she could able to take a deep plunge for finding my lost diary as glanced.

It is my illusion or confession about her as a diver,i am in doubt.

The lost paradise could get by anybody,I never thought.
Written by Aruna Sharma.27.09.2020
All images are taken from Google.

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