Grapes of love🌹

A growing and and clinging vines of grapes on wall of love,

Only for your thirsty.

If you have no water then take it is

enough for quenching your thirst.

For these are the mirror of flowing sweet river,

Like a miracle one in many miracles to give warmth when you shiver.

When the misty and fogging sighs may appear on your mirror,

Before this ,you have to steal your blessed kiss.

That kiss will be enough to realize-what the life is so much rich,

When that sweet kiss creeping on your skin at night and day ,feel as tickling by which.

You don’t know about your tiny church where is growing vines of grapes is for you.

Don’t try to make the wine,my dear lonely dew!! That will be harmful for you.

Those all ripped grapes are send by spiritual power for your healing heart.

And every grape has my love of soul no wanting to you may hurt.

It’s sweetness will become your life as sweet grapes by clinging you as love on your bed.

So all small seeds of those diet will be prepare to melt in my vein to bloom,

For again rooting the grapes of love for removing you gloomy shade.

For youspecially could not feel any pain in your corner of room,

And you will see them as many shining stars in your roof as image glowing wed.

Written by Aruna Sharma.27.08.2020.11.00PM

All images are taken from Google.

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