Oh ,what it is in dew….

I often call him,

Why he is not hear my voice.

I remember her him everytime,

Why he can not give me a moment to rejoice.

My rose of love are wilthering almostly,

Why he don’t give me a part of  teary soul of dew’s rains.

I don’t know-he is hidden in which cave,

Why he not appears and say some words.

May be he is suffering in terrible situation,

Why he don’t forget by hearing some melodious word.

Any one is playing on the violin for him for enchanting him,

But he is lost in his the wounded past world.

Oh my dear friend!! I want only to see you happy,

So daily my voice chases your shades.

Why you ignore all beauty of world,

May be you don’t know those all are for your healing of your melancholic moods.

Please, come out from your dark fades,

Because all brightness is waiting for you.

After then you feel a silky emotion is eager to embrace you💖
You should know my dear!!
Somebody is your melody to cure the heart,
And you are song for other like their fate.

Written by Aruna Sharma.
All images are taken from Google.

5 thoughts on “Oh ,what it is in dew….

  1. Hey dear Sanjuna!!now one thing is wandering in my mind that is it -why you said- my friend is lucky.please don’t take it otherwise.if you like then give me reply😊

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  2. Oh my dear!! You are so much kind .thank you very much🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹.hey dear Sanjuna!!do you follow the blog of The Lonely Author?please reply.

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