Beyond of understanding…

Left all her lovely words

Because those all are closed in a old room

Her diary is tearing a sad song with slow voice

Everybody asks what is behind the locked door

A girl named eclipse has escaped with her aloe or may be make her grave herself with her penumbra

Because she has known-in this worst garden,she could not reap her Almond blossom as hope

So she is living inside or outside to climb up with a rope

May be she could touch her rainbow of her imagination

Her door would be close as she saw the love’s situation

Rosemary bushes towards the closed door by growing up and surrounding it with laughing on unbounded relation

May be aster in aloe and abtilon are bowed in meditation.

All are in bowed in sajdas and holy Ramjaan may bring her holy soul at destination.

Written by Aruna Sharma.29.04.2020


All image are taken from Google.All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

HAPPY RAMADAAN(RAMZAAN)🌷🌷to my all dear Bloggers, followers and friends.

3 comentarios en “Beyond of understanding…

  1. हम रोज आते हैं
    और एक ही दृश्य देख चले जाते,
    तेरे दर पर वर्षों से लगे ताले,
    मगर क्या हुआ तुम नही आए,
    उस ताले में भी पौध उग आए हैं,
    माना ये भी मौसम के साथ झुलस जाएंगे,
    मगर अभी इनकी खुशियों का अंबार ना पूछो,
    कभी हम भी!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. कौन जाने बन्द दरवाजे के अन्दर कोई है कि लाॅक डाउन में भी किसी को घर छोड़ने के लिए मज़बूर किया हो।तमाशा होता है तो हो…..

    Me gusta

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