HOPE-the blessed word,my dear!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Many miracles are happened in this life when it follows

Not lose your confidence,because the soul of love never allows

Only Hope is that boat which is able to reach you to your lovely pillows

Which are waiting on the other side of your comfort zone

With many fragrant flowers taking in hands like the prom

You are already a prince of a poems’s empire

Wherever you go always will find something to inspire

It is eternal truth,my dear!! Hope is only weapon of blessed soul never to fail

And praying with hope is most blessed to cross over every feeling as pale.

You are not for to be blue or pale but as spring’s songs

Every sparrow has to say you-good luck and not allow to play at confusions’s swings

Almighty is saying “,you are for only the world

So i have sent you to the beautiful earth with blessed words.”

Only Hope and Pray is your strongest Angels with you

For supportive consolation to sail your boat ahead may be any storm comes before you.

Written by Aruna Sharma.22.03.2020AM All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.Images are taken from Google.

Pain goes in and love comes out….

Oh so much lovely lines of my dear friend The Lonely Author.He inspired me to write on his above Tagline.my this poem is a effort to write on his awesome Tagline-pain goes in and love comes out.i can not think that how i do to write on that lovely wordings which touch always my heart.my friends and you all can judge in right way.


Peace comes after struggling

After lost we get new something

To satisfy our hearts like the star as twinkling

The tearing eyes are for smiling

Cause of solid will -powered in every heart’s beating

Why are you sad if sun has for setting

It is symbol of promise of dawn to your love has to save keeping

Every moment is the cycle of changing

Some time for crying and sometime too for laughing

It is like a plant of love for rooting

If you want to some enchanting

Please,my dear heart!!never go for flaming

But try to be candle for enlightening

For all those who are depressing

And don’t know of life’s real meaning

Who knows about destiny’s diary having

It is not matter for us to think however she doing

So my all dear friends,stop just a minute and think about

May be a palm is thirsty for your kissing

May be every line is hidden in the palm having some gems for inspiring

And always remember that every darkness brings bright day out

You can not test the juicy fruits of love if think the struggling without

Yeah it is nitty gritty of life and faking is for at all out

True this conclusion about

Pain goes in and love comes out.

Written by Aruna Sharma.18.03.2020


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Five fingers in hand are not equal…..

We have to adjustment in our life

Never think -others are just same to you

I love my partner having fully opposite nature but love him

Without him where is my family

I love many friends who are my supporter,adviser and good guide of my life

But i have not hope from them becoming like me

Hatred has no place in every inch of space in my heart

By nature i am a normal guy but having some worth

If you don’t like me,i don’t care

I care only my reputation

May be any body like or not

As i prefer my belonging

As I respect everybody logging

Please ,no temper high or low

If any complexity then bow

Because we all are same by blood

And children of universe’s Robinhood

No proud of your occupation

It is mere temporary inhibition

Some time on the sky and suddenly on the earth

Please root ever the plant of love in your heart

Like getting warmth in every relation

You have to need in your heart’s room the hearth.

Please think a little more

It is famous in new era and in the lore.

We are only the souls-you konw very well

All souls are the part of Super Soul,well.

So love every body until your last breath

Because we have to meet in heaven to melted in Garth.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

16.03.2020. 11.35PM

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Your venomous pains are living in my poetry’s world…

You are my best friend closing my heart

You inhale all pains and those become me a poet

By exhaling all love spreading in breeze

You send all those messages of love to all beloved’s beach

Oh.my dear!! Have you felt something in blowing in wind or coming to you all waves at dusk time

My this imagination become me as waves of verses of your ocean’s rhyme

I think i am a ship standing at horizon as still not going and not coming every time

Without sailing vesseles,how could it come to you and go far from you

I don’t go any where because you inspire me by seeing the the Sun set’s boat who drowns daily for rising for next day in ocean of heart of you

In this world may be mostly guys are unknown about power of love for living with vivacity

But you know all secrets by which you ginger up in all dying creature

Your motto of life is my ispiration-live,love,laugh really a good nature

You drink daily a full cup of pain but give all only love by removing all tension out

Yeah it is eternal truth-pain goes in and love comes out

Because in workshop of heart artery is purified all pains and convert it in spiritually love which make all things fresh to go in veins

I want to purify my heart there lives my love in tears so i want more pains

For making the beautiful my love’s universe,

Oh dear guys,believe on my beloved’s theory-pain goes in and love comes out.

Written by Aruna Sharma.



All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.images are taken from Google.


You are me

And me is you.

Please ,say yes to calm my heart.

Oh.i am the ruins of all beautiful imagination,

Your beautiful words only touch me with love and giving consolation.

You are going on long journey before this allow me to tear on your shoulder.

You bind me in your strong arms for i could be alive when you coming again near.

Please ,my dear friend!!return back soon.

I fear from darkness without your moon.

This is my only one request to you for taking your support.

My love is no in my life but you is for mine to never hurt.

I am waiting for you continuously like a thirsty wanderer in desert.

My thirst will be depended on the voice of your footsteps to be silent.

written by Aruna Sharma.12.03.2020


Image and songs are taken from Google.

My dear soft hearted lonely star!!

That most shining star is my friend dew’s symbol

I want to say my lovely dew that the venom is presented in all lovely heart’s hole

If it is caused of illness but yet to cure and antidote like on face’s mole

You don’t live without her

Who is shaded on your whole existence

How you are saved youtself and your little hut including your heart’s bed and dreamy pillow

In breeze of palm trees where you rest on your hammock like an Angel

Who are sent in this world spreading the massage of love for tired soul

I am too crazy for that pillow often you pointed towards that to call

That pillow is amazing having many lovely thoughts inside and many logging beneath under itself to fall

Oh my lonely Star!! here is cyclone in my life to hurt my lovely world

I need your all lovely thing if you wish-give me as i want

Can you help me perhaps you have to face the another Tycoon in your lovely heart but sure it is blessed grant

My every heart’s beatings are with you with blessing

All breeze of palm trees and all love of my Chinaar are standing by you like gospel’s singing

And your muse will look after your awesome pillow in your absence

Have you feel any time and see any wrinkels on your pillow with sixth sense

That is sighn of my lying soul to see your unseen face and and try to touch your untouched pure soul

Many kisses are shattered on your silky bed and pillow who often call me

I think in my imagination and tell to my lonely Star-how are you thinking about the soul of me.

Please,your pillow is my eternal gift as i think

If you could do,before going on a hard journey,give me that eternal thing.

Promise,when you will come back,i will return back your things without blink.

Because i has been waiting for you many centuries and have to wait for you until unknown time.

At my door or window, every dawn and dusk for me seems like a mirage’s wind chime.

Written by Aruna sharma.

10.03.2020 12.30PM

All images are taken from Google.