HeyPlaying Cards!! Your Trump Card is failed…

I heard somebody had come here to meet the head of ghost and gone without being a welcoming part

Only for enjoy,not to try keeping silence here but only for his hunger of trade of humun’s meats and blood for satisfy his thirst.

At this land all devils were playing the cards with their shaking heads in happy mood unknowing about what would be result of the wars

At the end of that game,all earth has converted in red coloured with bloody smelled roses at the edge of all grounds and rivers.

What is flowing in those rivers-the water with acid by huge sized devils.

Why is all ground so much red?all beasts are spreaded here most evils.

All pure souls have become slaves and thirsty for hoping a droplet of water waiting,sitting at the edge of all dried rivers.

All lovely birds sitting on their nests seeing the game of playing cards which are failing with poor trump card

And waiting to console to thirsty souls by telling the fresh water’s pond.

But all hands are binded with chain no hope here and there for poor souls.

Uff, never thought about my heart’s home who is symbol of silence,immortal love and non-voinlence ,would be in tears on her children’s mausoleum.

Only hope for souls is tangled on my all chinaar trees

And Sun smiles on that blue sky with consolation at last all trump cards will be failed and made for decoration in only for the museum

Because Hitler said ever nein- nein killed by his own ego who was trying to make worst the lovely face of universe

So, oh all pure hearted souls!! Don’t be depressed because at last wheels of time will move in favour of your melodious songs and beautiful verses .

Written by Aruna Sharma.01.03.2020


Image are taken from Google.

(Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful
possibilities so we never forget that pain and grief are not
the final options in life.”