My sixth sense says….

My dear friend,what is happening to me and why?i don’t know;

I worship to  my God,at just that time your images enter in my minds,why?i don’t know.

At my temple,i demand some wishes to my belongings for blessings to them

And suddenly i see your shade saying that what for me,what is this illusion and why?i don’t know.

I feel every time as you are walking with me in shape of it true?why?how i am confused ,you know.

I think -what’s relation between both us?and for unseen friend,why?nobody know.

Oh,so much frightening heart always prays for you,why?i don’t know.

Now a days




Unknowing about your hearts

From which a love so much

That’s path of oblivion hurts.

Suddenly in my unconscious mind

Sixth sense is awakened as a brighten light and tell me with kind

About all things of destiny of good friendship

And about of the spiritual love between two closed relationship

And try to motivate for blessing all for you addressing Him

By saying this how can we drink the nacter in cup without the Rim.

Let your all thoughts echo in his


Let your heart collect every waves of your friend’s honest feelings in your mind’s notion.

Written by Aruna Sharma.26.02.2020


All images are taken from Google.

10 thoughts on “My sixth sense says….

  1. Because ofspritual love between you and me.i can not forget you,my dear dew!!whenever i write in Hindi or English,your unseen shadow stands at that time.why does it happens?i don’t know?may be you are inspiring me in indirect you agree that i am right saying,my dear friend !!plz reply.

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