I dreamt the dodder ….

In the nighty way,

On my sleeping bed,

All dodders were playing beneath my sleepy eyelids,

And trying to cling on my whole existence of Chinars,

Suddenly most changes were in all scenes of my dreaming land

All type of humankind were dressing the tress in that wonderland

And all dodders were increasing so much fast as they could do more

As the competition between them to climb up above more and more

Were they the messenger of my pure love

Were they symbols of my images of love’s songs

Which were watering at every roots of trees by hiding the seeds of that anonoymity’s belongs.

The cuscutas were trying tricks to touch the highest edge of roof the sky like the skyscrapers,

Oh, how could I tell them that it is not easy to touch the edge of heaven of lovers,

Maybe they went at horizon to caught the sunset,

Maybe they try to climb on mountains for loving the dawn’s dew as wet.

Without supporting all are possible but taking any support could kill all their wishes.

And trying in this way to love ,all woods of heavenly love could change in the plants of cactus.

Oh my headache!! They were surrounded on all woods.

My lovely trees of love of that woods had died.

My dawn’s sun and dusk’s sunset were feeling very much sad.

At once, a rooster’s crawling-at the beak of dawn as”cock the doodle-doo”by saying

Opening my eyes as asking-” how are you” in the morning

Oh my God!! All night that nightmare was near me for mourning

I stood up and ran to my room’s window by uplifting the curtain

Then a breeze come under my room like smiling fairy to fresh my mood’s confusion

I gaze outside with attention to my Chinaars(Maple trees)

They all are smiling and dancing with blowing wind,

And consoling me by saying of never worrying’s clutched.

We are with you forever and promise me to save the love’s garden when I will be no more but love of universe is for all immortality remained

Thanks God.


Written by Aruna Sharma.

28.11.2019. 11.15pm

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

16 thoughts on “I dreamt the dodder ….

  1. The fear, love, all expressions are so honest and real. Verily they are straight from your heart, as they are felt.
    May Allah bless you with love and happiness. Āmīn
    For you, 🍁🍁🍁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The fear, all expressions are so pure and honest. Verily they are straight from your heart as they are felt.
    May Allah azza wa jall bless you with love and happiness. Āmīn
    For you, 🍁🍁🍁


  3. Mere yaar, this is a very beautiful and deep poem! Love how you create the storyline and end the poem with a hopeful message – the presence of your beloved Chinaar-trees and the eternal “love of universe”. 💕 One of my favorite lines has to be “Oh how could I tell them that it is not easy to touch the edge of heaven of lovers” – gorgeous!! Big hugs and much love 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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